7 Link Challenge

Thanks to my new best friend ProBlogger.net (He doesn’t really know it yet, but that’s OK) I am taking the 7 link challenge. Here is his challenge…

The idea is to publish a post that is a list of 7 links to posts that you and others have written that respond to the following 7 categories. Your links should be to:

  • Your first post
  • A post you enjoyed writing the most
  • A post which had a great discussion
  • A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written
  • Your most helpful post
  • A post with a title that you are proud of
  • A post that you wish more people had read
  1. My first published post is HERE. I had been doing an online journal since August of 2005 but a dear friend led me into the world of blogging. Yes, it is on a WP platform and I have been weighing back and forth of going back to that.
  2. The post is enjoyed writing the most is HERE. I did a parody song of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” and had a lot of fun doing it.
  3. A post that had a great discussion is HERE. I laughed so hard at some of the entries; I ended up doing several posts featuring the comments because they were THAT good!
  4. The post that someone else wrote that I love is right HERE. Yup, you caught me…that’s not a real link. The truth is I read so many good posts that I wish I had written that I could not possibly pick one!
  5. My most helpful post is right HERE. I didn’t offer a wealth of information, but the email response I got plus the comments let me know that I was helping by sharing my story.
  6. My post with a title that I am proud of is right HERE. It is the only time that using the word “Fart” in a title seemed acceptable (The post is pretty good too!)
  7. The post I wish more people had read is right HERE. Mainly because I think we all need to know that we have a “starting point” every day that is new.

Thanks my dear best friend, ProBlogger (although you don’t know you are my best friend yet) for a great challenge!

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  1. In case you couldn't tell by my barrage of comments, I love this idea. I loved getting to know more about you, and after reading all of these, I feel like I understand you better. Great job!And would it be bad form to steal this idea for future use?

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