I Can’t Decide Or Can I…I Don’t Know

I have an affliction. Maybe it is more of a hiccup in my personality. Actually, I don’t know what to call it and that is where the problem begins. I am painfully indecisive when it comes to a matter that concerns only me.

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I was recently given some gift certificates for my birthday and I have been AGONIZING over how to spend them. Sure there is stuff I need and there is even stuff that I want, but I hate that commitment and finality to my decision when I hit the “Checkout Now” button.

  • what if I chose wrong
  • what if I realize once it is delivered that I really needed the measuring spoon set and not the hand towel set for the bathroom
  • should I phone a friend? (wait…I already did that and they suggested the peasant top. ARGH…another choice!)

I hate this about me and it’s not just limited to mail order. My hair is in desperate need of a cut and style, but when I go in the stylist will inevitably ask me what I want. (It’s kind of their job) I don’t know what I want. I am not sure what will look good. All I can tell you is I don’t want a purple mohawk or a bowl cut. After all, there is nothing worse in this world than a bad haircut. I can’t afford the emotional cost of a bad hair decision. Making a cake? I spend more time trying to decide between white cake or yellow cake than the whole cake process. Ordering at the drive-thru? Same thing. I usually get “Item A” but what if “Item B” tastes better and is a better value for my money…

So where does all this put me? My indecisiveness has cause immobility. Total standstill. My laptop contains all the open windows to the places I have gift certificates for and I pass by it and scroll through a few pages, even more confused than before. I am sure there is some therapist out there that would tell me that I have a “fear of failure” or that I feel that I will be judged somehow by making an unwise choice. Whatever…just analyze me and then tell me whether to buy the bath towel warmer or the wireless rain gauge.

The odd thing is that I don’t have this “hiccup” when it comes to making life choices, business decisions or buying something for someone else. I know what I want in life or business and plunge aggressively and headlong into situations. If I am buying for someone else, it’s no problem. I have gotten to know them and found out their likes/dislikes and have no moment of hesitation at the “Checkout Now” button.

But Me…I don’t know…I am just not sure…maybe…perhaps not…SOMEONE ELSE JUST DO THIS FOR ME!!!

Do you ever have a moment of indecisiveness that has cause immobility? Do you find yourself at a standstill because of uncertainty? Maybe its not a hairstyle, but something of great importance (well…OK, a hairstyle is of great importance; but I am talking life choice) How do you get through it and make a choice that you are comfortable with?

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8 replies

  1. I think I'm the most indecisive person I know when it comes to certain things. Husband asks where I want to eat and my usual reply is “I don't care. Where do you want to eat?”

  2. Girl…I think I'm your long lost triplet.I am the world's worst decision maker. Ask any member of my family, or the grocery store clerk, or the phone company…they'll concur. Next time, I'll call you for help! 😉

  3. Just don't blame me for your red or blue trike. I don't even remember you having a red or blue! LOL!

  4. I'm awful at making decisions. Drives my husband insane. When I go to get my haircut and they ask me what I want, I tell them “Whatever will look good.”

  5. I am the same way! Especially when it comes to buying things for me. Like a gift card…I should probably go get groceries with it, and most likely will, but really I am supposed to go out and get something for me. Just. Me. Except I don't need anything. And what if I go out and get a new pair of hawt jeans, and the my husband doesn't get his paycheck again, then I feel selfish. So then the gift card will sit there for months while I try to figure out what to do with it.And I gave up with the hairdresser, I do it all myself. Last time I asked her for layers and burgundy color, she totally missed cutting one side of my head and I walked out with an awful color purple (yes, there are bad shades of purple!) Then I had to pay 80 bucks for it, ugh! I went home and fixed it myself.Ramble much?You are not alone with your hiccup, I hiccup quite a bit 😉

  6. Your family and friends should take this into consideration and just get you a gift, not a gift certificate. Your stress will go down and then you'll actually live to your next birthday!

  7. I hear you. Gift cards for me are the worst gift. I just hold on to them because I can't ever decide. I have no problem with the big things, but little choice can drive me crazy. Many times I just have to do it. Pick and move on the quicker the better and after that not think about it again. Like a band-aid just rip and go. I know that is easier said than done. But don't be practical when choosing just get yourself something and be done.Good Luck!

  8. I do the same thing! I think it's because we want to be SURE of what we purchase since it's free and a treat that we normally wouldn't spend on ourselves.Just do it! You're worth it! :-)BTW, Happy Belated B-Day!

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