A Review

Why am I doing a review on my main page? Isn’t there a special tab for that? Why yes…thanks for asking. I am doing a review on the age 33. I am now safely past 33 and feel qualified to review it.

Disclaimer: All opinions on the Year 33 are my own and I have been in no way compensated for my views by Mother Nature.
The Year 33 was delivered with little fanfare. Sure, we celebrated its arrival in the usual fashion. Cake, presents crying, gnashing of teeth and even hid in the closet and time with family and friends, but its initial arrival would have been largely unnoticed if not for the production of celebration.

Much like the saying that good things come in small packages, Year 33 proved to really deliver on the life changes to start off so unassumingly.

Shortly after the Year 33 arrived we were inspired by the housing market, impending birth of our 3rd daughter and basic insanity; to put our house on the market and move to the country. It was a nail biting experience that took 9 months to complete and not only did we manage to go more rural, but we pulled off buying our country dream home; “The Crayon Ranch”. What a crazy turn of events to go ahead and be able to live in the place where you only dreamed about retiring at.
As I mentioned before we had an upcoming arrival of another daughter in the Year 33. Our tiny Bitsy was born late December. Year 33 was apparently a good breeding year, because she came just as perfect and beautiful as any blessing straight from God could. By the way… have I mentioned that she is sitting on her own now.
See I told you. Even she is sticking her tongue out at you for your disbelief!

The Year 33 also provided us with the opportunity to become caretakers for my in-laws. This has by far been the most difficult part of the year as we faced mother-in-laws heart problems and impending bypasses and father-in-laws rapid onset of Alzheimer’s. We are still currently in the transition period where we have to let things “fall into place” before permanent 24/7/365 type of care.

The Year 33 packed quite a punch and I believe has been the Year with the most life changes in it. I know that if I chose to look back, I would see other things that irritated me, upset me and made me feel as though life couldn’t go on. Really….all years are like that. I chose not to look back though. It obviously wasn’t the big deal I thought it was, if I can’t recall it right now. God was loving, just and didn’t give us more than we could handle and helped carry us through the more stressful times. I know this will be His promise for Year 34 as well (cause He is nice like that!)

In review, I would have to recommend the Year 33 to anyone! I anxiously await to see what Year 34 is going to bring us!!

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4 replies

  1. Many blessings to you and the family in Year 34!

  2. Oh, my. Shame on me. I forgot. (I have an excuse, though!)Happy Birthday, friend. Did you get your storm?

  3. Hi! I saw your showcase piece on Friday Follow and came over here to visit. What a cute blog…I love the “sometimes on the walls” part! I like your writing style and am following you now. I will be bidding farewell to year 33 myself in just a few weeks. Please feel free to stop by The Farris Wheel and say hi. :)Jenniferwww.thefarriswheel.blogspot.com

  4. Happy Birthday… May year 34 be just as “review worthy”…

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