Black & White Wednesday

I am joining in with “A Long Road To China” in her Black & White Wednesday and joining their family with the anticipation of AWESOME news!!!

I just love this shot. The texture of the wood, the chain…everything about it. It was an impromptu shot that I was taking working with trying to get Macro shots out of my non-macro camera and I am pleased as peas with how it turned out. Got a B&W shot that you want to share? Click the link above and join in!

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4 replies

  1. I love the texture in this shot….the metal and the wood…..awesome!!

  2. This is AWESOME, girl! GREAT shot and a nice edit. You've got a great eye for composition.

  3. I love this shot! I agree that the texture is wonderful. And I love the focus & composition. Perfect in b&w 🙂

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