A View From Under A Rock

I have been a little out of touch the past week, so I wanted to let you know what the view from under my rock has looked like the past week.

All 3 Scribblers have been battling being ill and fevers were getting high, coughs getting deep, so we went to the doctor. The older 2 had bronchitis and all 3 have sinus infections. The middle Scribbler also had an ear infection. The view for those days looked like a calf round-up. I was chasing down these “weakened” kids to give them antibiotics and cough medicine. We had a tent city going in the living room, where the Scribblers were on bed rest. Lots of Dora got viewed (way too much Dora for mommy) Sprite was dispensed and Kleenex was bought by the case. I am still trying to contact the prescription companies about an antibiotic in blow dart form or a patch that can be applied to the middle of their back. I believe my invention will allow me to retire a millionaire if moms no longer have to try to force oral antibiotics down their screaming toddler’s throat. There will probably be a statue erected in my honor.

For the 4th of July, my family came to Crayon Ranch and the hot dogs, hamburgers and fireworks were in great abundance. I attempted to make a cake from scratch that had a July 4th flair to it.I have now learned that if you make a yellow cake, blue food coloring will turn green. Hello art student fail. The taste was wonderful with a cream cheese frosting…but the Patriotic colors…well, as you can see it looked more like a watermelon cake than a Red, White and Blue cake. (Thank you Mom for providing me with a picture and thank you to the rest of the family who laughed at… with me)

Next up, we all went outside and proceeded to finish the game of take down the post. The Head Crayon and I had been trying for weeks to take down a huge cedar post that had been put up in the backyard. Instead of using a conventional method, like an ax or chainsaw; we had been pulling out the guns and blowing the tarnation out of it to get it to fall. I am proud to say that my brother-in-law shot the fatal blow. (Dear BIL…would you like your post mounted on a plaque for posterity?)Yeah, see those crazy girls of mine (the lizard on my head is not my spawn, but for some reason was included in the family shot) As if those 3 weren’t enough, I insisted on keeping my sister’s kiddos. We had a bigger blast than the 100 shot missile cannon that costs $16.95 and is over in .8 seconds (Yes…I would know) I love keeping her kids!

So its been pretty busy here under my rock, but I am back! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you NEED to go to my Giveaway page. There are some awesome giveaways going on. I KNOW you took pictures for the 4th of July. Go upload one to Picnik.com for free, add some effects to it, stick a frame on it and enter the link to your picture on your blog to the Picnik.com giveaway for a super cool prize. You already know I love Picnik.com and I want you to see why! There are several gift certificates to random places and a Patriotic friend to win! I am going to extend the dates since I have been under a rock the past few days!

It was GREAT to see you again and I want to know…
What did you do this holiday weekend?

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3 replies

  1. I was wondering how you are doing. My girls came home in June and now my husband is in Europe until Sunday. I am happy that you had a good 4th… Nice cake… everyone had fun…

  2. I enjoyed this weekend with friends at a church picnic and at another get together at a friend's home stuffing myself with bar-b-qued ribs (oh my!). Had the following Monday off and believe it or not visited several members.

  3. Haha! I love your post removal method 😉

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