Liberty And Justice For All

From Wikipedia:

Liberty – Liberty is the concept of ideological and political philosophy that identifies the condition to which an individual has the right to behave according to one’s own personal responsibility and free will.
How many times have we put our hand over our hearts and rushed through that last part of The Pledge Of Allegiance and not really thought about what it means?

“with liberty and justice for all”

Take a minute and reread the definition and think about what it means to you as an American.

Liberty is our right paid for by the blood of those who understand what Liberty is and are willing to sacrifice their lives for it. Their sacrifice is not just revered on the 4th of July as we fly our flags in honor of America, it is felt every day that we go to the employment of our choice, wear the clothes of our choice, talk about our like/dislike of those in political office with our peers, attend a town hall meeting or drive across the country to visit a relative. We do these things without thought or fear. This is because we have liberty. Defending and protecting this liberty is something that is done every day outside and within our own borders. Liberty is powerful and there are many who want to strip it away from us.

Today as you celebrate your liberty, have a moment of silence as you realize that these liberties were bought and paid for at the highest cost FOR YOU. Pray for those who have paid that sacrifice and are still paying this very day. Somewhere, someone is out there away from his/her loved ones in a strange place fighting so that you may enjoy your liberty.

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8 replies

  1. You know, you forget you have it when you've always had it! Loved this post, makes me really appreciate it! Three cheers for liberty!

  2. Yes, thank you, CW. And their moms miss them, too. :'(Liberty and justice for all. Amen!

  3. Preached on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and used the same quote from Wikipedia

  4. Preached on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and used the same quote from Wikipedia

  5. Happy 4th my sweet friend!!!

  6. I like your pictures … How is your summer going?

  7. thank you, wonderful pictures

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