Macro Friday

Last week I joined with Laura at Blogging From Bolivia for her Macro-Friday carnival. There were some of the coolest entries ever as everyone focused up close and personal with their subject. Click the button above if you want to enter a Macro Photo and to see everyone else’s entry.

Here is mine…
I have got to get one of those cool programs that lets me play with my photos some. *sigh*

Edited: The ladybug was crawling across a hickory chair that we have outside. It is on one of the tops of the back that is a rough cut piece of wood lacquered.

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12 replies

  1. I was wondering the same thing! What is it on? Cool photo!

  2. cool shot! Look at you getting all nature”y” and stuff again!

  3. Nice shot! You should check out Picasa for photo editing. It is free, and does the job very well!

  4. I love lady bugs and I love your photo of one. The wood texture adds to the sleekness of the bug… I think your SOOC image is great, but why not play with if you want editing software? There is a lot you can do with the free portion of the program, and nothing to download.

  5. I'm glad you clarified what the ladybug was walking on…it almost looked like a finger or something. Nice work.

  6. I wondered what the ladybug was on myself. It looked like a seriously abused knee! Great picture! You did really good SOOC!

  7. VERY cool shot! Glad you let us know what the ladybug was crawling on.

  8. Very cool! I got one of beetles this morning…. I wish they were ladybugs, cuz putting the word “lady” in front of it really makes me more open minded to the word “bug”…. anyway, very neat picture!

  9. I love it!! What a great capture of detail! Ladybugs are definitely one of my favorite bugs… And I love the wood that it's on, as well. Great shot!I think you do a great job with your unedited photos… I never would have even known that you didn't edit!

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