New Kids On The Block

I know you just saw that title and got all excited (although you don’t want to admit NKOTB love) So for those of you who enjoy that little guilty pleasure….

Are you back or are you off to see a little “Please Don’t Go Girl”? It’s OK, I won’t judge you.

Anyways, this isn’t about the pop group, it’s about being the “New Kid On The Block”. It is not fun to be the new kid, even if you are a mid 30s woman who should be confident and immune to that jittery “not fitting in” feeling.

After moving, we have been pretty busy with unpacking and enjoying or new home; not getting out to really meet anyone. We were invited to attend Vacation Bible School (VBS) and I eagerly accepted because we need to find a church home and I thought the girls would enjoy it. Buzz was especially excited to “go to school and make new best friend”. Belly was pretty unsure about the whole business and Bitsy…well, 5 month olds don’t have an opinion about much of anything that doesn’t pertain to a full belly or diaper.

About 4 hours before VBS started I got to meet “Paranoid Spastic Crayon Wrangler”. I didn’t really know she existed in me until then. I started worrying about my late talker. Was she going to have a lot of difficulty, would someone understand her, would other kids make fun of her? I didn’t worry so much about Belly because she is my fearless-open-for-anything girl. But Buzz…she is cautious, reserved and emotionally fragile.

I dropped them off and paced outside by the van, waiting for my cell to ring telling me to come back and get them, I called my mom and sister and aired my fear/concern, called my husband and may or may not have teared up about being apart from my girls. Then it was time to pick them up.

I asked Buzz’s teacher, “How did she do?” and then I cringed and braced myself.

Buzz’s teacher said, “She did wonderful, she is such a chatterbox!”


Then Buzz proceeded to tell me at high volume and high speed all the things she did for the next 3 hours and then all the next day and while I type this she is still talking….

So the kids are having a blast and I decided yesterday to go ahead and attend the adult classes. As I pulled up the the church that familiar feeling crept in. You know…that feeling at the start of every school year or when you moved when you found yourself looking at new faces…that one. I tried to tell myself that they were more afraid of me than I was of them, but I think that only works with snakes. The insecurity got worse and worse, I called my Mommy. She reassured me that I was wonderful and people would like me, then told me to eat my veggies and wash behind my ears.

As I slow walked across the parking lot, each step filled with dread; I remembered I hadn’t had any veggies today and I was unsure of the “behind the ear” status. “Great…this could ruin everything! Then an amazing thing happened…

The most talkative, friendly girl EVER happened to be in the parking lot and spied me. She confirmed I was going to the adult class and escorted me the rest of the way. Perhaps she noticed the “I am going to bolt” look in my eyes? I turned out GREAT and I am so happy that we have gone this week. I am still going to have a V8 before I go to class again tonight…just in case.

I want to encourage you, if you have a new kid or woman show up at your neighborhood, church, school or feeding trough…go make them feel welcome. Chances are they are more afraid of you than you are of them (I still think that is for snakes) but it’s hard being the “New Kids On The Block”

Until next time, my friends….I’ll be “Hangin’ Tough”

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8 replies

  1. You got the right stuff… Babay!I know this feeling all too well. So glad you made a new friend to make it a bit easier. Don't forget the V8 and wash behind your ears!

  2. I so understand this. But I tend to go through it every time I take Jason somewhere. Will he get us evicted? he has Vacation School tonight and I'm already having those nerves coming up.

  3. Thanks for the tip, when I chatter too much, will make the new kid on the block feel

  4. thank you from the girl who talks way to much. I was being used of God and for God's purpose. she is agreat person.

  5. still feeling like the new girl on the block. it is so hard to just put yourself out there but so worth it in the end

  6. I'm glad you guys are starting to feel at home in the new Church! When I was little I was also really, really shy and my mom could never leave me in nurseries or anywhere… I think it was as I matured that I aged out of it. Hope you all continue to enjoy it!! 🙂

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