Lesson Learned – Childhood

Kids have no empathy…

  1. Infants don’t understand beauty sleep and that every 2 hour wake-ups are effective for making mom haggard.
  2. Toddlers don’t understand that when mom is up with infant all night long, she must have 3 cups of coffee before being approached.
  3. Kids who have to take oral antibiotics don’t care that they make mom do a 100 yd sprint and wrestle an alligator just to spill the required dosage and start over.
  4. Kids will slow poke everywhere except parking lots, crowded stores and across streets giving mom a heart attack.
  5. Kids will especially pull the slow walk when mom has to go to the restroom is a public place and is across the store from the needed facilities.
  6. Kids will not eat a meal that took 3 hours to prepare, but will demand a hot dog nuked in the microwave.
  7. Kids don’t care that you don’t have a hot dog in the house.
  8. Kids can scream for 5 hrs 27 min and 42 seconds about the no hot dog issue.
  9. After a mad dash to the grocery store for hot dogs, kids will fall asleep on the car ride home and when woken declare that they aren’t hungry.
  10. Kids can not be force fed a hot dog.

What lessons have you learned about childhood?

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4 replies

  1. LOL! You make me smile. šŸ™‚ Preschoolers will think they are being helpful by giving their baby sister a tub of vicks….it's not really that helpful.

  2. I love it!Crabby two year olds, who have two modes: cry or scream, will make their mamas want to jump off a bridge.Or drink themselves silly.Mother's who drink themselves silly can still hear the screaming two year old…it just doesn't seem as loud.

  3. You made me laugh, yes you cannot force feed a hot dogkim

  4. Ha! So true, so true! Found you on MBC and am now a follower. I thought you might like this:http://melonbelly.blogspot.com/2010/02/patience-is-virtue.htmlCome on over for a visit. The place is a mess and the coffee is cold (ain't that the truth) but would love to have ya.www.melonbelly.blogspot.comhttp://twitter.com/mbelly2

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