Baby Bird Update

Momma Bird is hard at work feeding hungry mouths (Boy, do I know that feeling!)

Sadly, right after these picture was taken; Daddy Bird removed the 4th unhatched egg from the nest. I’ve been intently watching and photographing this family, but I was surprised to see the dynamics between Dad & Mom. While Dad removed the egg from the nest, Mom fluttered around angrily. Once it was complete, Dad and Mom flew back to the nest together and took turns sitting on the nest. When Mom wasn’t on the nest, she would fly to where Dad had taken the egg and perch over the spot. It was like she hadn’t given up yet. Dad would then chirp loudly and Mom would fly back and take over the nest.

Can’t wait to peek on the little guys later this week!

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5 replies

  1. aw….at our old house, we had robins nest in my hanging baskets! now that we've moved, i miss them!

  2. GREAT pics! Can't wait to hear more about this little family!

  3. Aw, they're so cute with that little tuft of fuzz on their head!

  4. It is amazing to watch the mama and daddy birds! I wish ours were in a more convenient place, but we're all driving them nuts enough as is :)Lucy

  5. mean daddy bird – I guess sometimes it takes a daddy to do what a mama cant – I could have never kicked the egg out. The babies look stronger and not so ragdoll….soooo sweet!

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