Macro Friday

Blogging from Bolivia has a great little photo prompt on Fridays. Macro Fridays which means you get to get up close and personal with your subject. So here is my entry…

This froggy-feeling fella might seem like a actor in Giant Mutant Frogs, but he really was tee-tiney. He is balanced on the rim of my watering bucket and wasn’t too “hoppy” about me taking his picture. I “toadily” didn’t care and snapped his portrait anyways.

Categories: Macro Fridays

4 replies

  1. Neat pic! I cant believe he let you take his pic with out hopping off?! Thats awesome! I linked up too.. there are some really cool pics on there huh!?Hope you have a great Friday girl

  2. SO great! I love macro pictures!

  3. Oooh I love this!!! What a great capture – SO much detail!! I love that look on his face, it looks like he has personality! Great shot :)I also loved your description of macro – “up close and personal with your subject” – I like it!!

  4. The colors rock! The detail is precise and overall this is one great photographic capture.

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