Guest Post – Super Parent Powers.

Preparing For My Super Parent Powers, by Holly Renee at
Holly is a wonderful blogger and artist with the heart of a writer. I recently discovered Holly and fell in love with her vividly worded posts and accompanying artwork that she does herself! I urge you to go check our her site, she won’t disappoint!

My husband and I have talked about trying to conceive in a year. Does this excite me? You know it. Does the thought of parenting completely overwhelm me? YES! Only it’s more like a feeling of absolute terror. Not only am I scared of actual childbirth (don’t even get me started), but I feel like I will never be fully prepared to parent a human baby.

Just that word baby kind of freaks me out. They are so little, and precious, and helpless. I don’t know how to help myself sometimes, how am I going to help a tiny baby? Cleaning up dog poop makes me gag. Throw up is beyond what I can handle. Isn’t that mostly what a baby does, poop and throw up?

After they are babies they become children. Children that need things like clothes, food, and attention. What if they hate the clothes and food I pick out for them? (And I think we all know they will hate whatever I pick out for them).

Then they become teenagers who need space and independence. What?!? Now I’m supposed to let go of the thing I hold dearest to my heart? This person I cultivated for years. That’s just cruel.

I honestly have no idea how parents do it. My oldest sister has three boys, and I love them all very much, but spending three hours with them is exhausting. I think some kind of super human power is given to people once they become parents. I often hear new parents say, “I never thought I could survive off this little sleep.” Duh, you are a parent now, you have super human powers!

I am in awe of every single parent I meet. Sometimes I’ll read a blog about some challenge a parent is having with their child, and it hits me that I had no idea that issue could even be a problem for a child. I know there are parenting books, and supportive resources, but they can only do so much.

I mean, I still feel like a kid half the time. I wander around my house singing made-up songs and seeking out chocolate for part of my evening. Campaigns that focus on preventing teenage pregnancy sometimes use the line, “Children having children.” Well, I feel like I should call one of these campaigns and see if they can do anything to help me.

Of course, I am half kidding. I am a somewhat responsible adult. I am physically and emotionally healthy, financially secure, and in a supportive marriage. Plus, I still have a little bit of time to get ready for this whole parenting thing.

I wonder though, is anyone ever really ready for such an intense responsibility? Is there any possible way to NOT emotionally scar your children for life? I’m hoping some part of parenting comes down to feeling and following my heart. It’s never (okay, rarely) steered me wrong before, so I’m thinking it’s a reliable resource.

For all you parents out there: How did you know you were ready to have children? What helps you navigate the parental waters? And, are you, in fact, super human now that you have kids?

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  1. Great thoughts and questions!I didn't know I was ready. As a matter of fact, I'd have told you I was decidedly NOT ready. And then along came our first… “unplanned” (by *us* God certainly had a plan… and it was perfect!) and we had to dive in. And we've done fine. As a matter of fact, we went on to have 5 more.What helps me to navigate the parental waters is two things:1) loads and loads of prayer (with God all things are possible)2) loads and loads of love (love covers a multitude of sins.)Yes. I am super human now. Thanks be to God! 🙂

  2. Not sure if someone actually really ever KNOWS that she is ready! Yet when you give birth to a baby, a mother is born too! Both learn from one another,even when the tasks and duties differ. Hope I make sense :-)Love to you. Paula

  3. I think you may never have super power – but enough power for each dayOf course you will make mistakes – but children will forgive mistakesChildren need lots of attention and clothes and food – right – but one smile of them will pay back 100 times for itThere will be times when you have no clue what is right or wrong – welcome to the club – you're a human being – not godMy kids are 15, 18 and 19 years old now and it was the journey of a lifetime to raise them and see how they develop and – let them go, live their own lives – but will always be part of my life.Go for it – you may regret it 100 times – but love it a million time!

  4. what a great post this is…loved it. And as a parent of two….I really think they're raising me.. ☺

  5. You know, I honestly don't think anyone's EVER ready, but some primal instinct kicks in and most people seem to figure it out.My husband and I want to start trying in a year or so too. Guess we'll end up morphing into mommy bloggers at the same time if all goes well!

  6. I knew I was ready to have kids when I peed on a stick and it showed me two lines!No turning back… ;)Super human parenting powers…for sure. How else can you explain functioning on 2 hour snippets of sleep, being able to whip up a meal with just eggs, flour, and some expired peanuts, and resisting the urge to wrap your offspring in bubble wrap?Super human for sure.No doubt about it.

  7. I am so thankful that I was able to be the mother of four wonderful children, ages 21, 29,30 and 31.They are the light of my life.Maybe none of us are totally prepared nor is parenting easy. Yet the LOVE you feel for your children makes it so possible. That is what makes the adventure of parenting one of the greatest journey's anyone can ever experience.

  8. LOL Holly you crack me up with the super human powers thing! I have the same fear. My brother just had a baby and holding him gets my maternal instincts kicking. BUT I am deathly afraid of having a baby because I feel like I'm not strong enough, that I might crack. I'm afraid of giving up my freedom. But it sounds like you have a good life in all areas especially your marriage which is a very important aspect. And you seem like the type of person who'd make for a great mother. So don't be afraid, I'm sure we all feel like this at one point 🙂

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