Your Lessons – Pt 2

Here are some more of the entries to my question about what lessons you have learned in parenting! These are all just hilarious and I want to thank each of you for submitting them! Due to an overwhelming response, I believe I will be making this type of format a weekly blog hop. Each week we will have a different type of “lesson” to share with each other.

I have been trying to come up with a clever name for it, but can’t seem to find anything that “snaps” like I want it to. I would like to do these on Tuesdays.

Can any of you think of a catchy name that connects “lessons” and “Tuesdays”?

Do you have some lessons in basic parenting that you would like to contribute to this list? I will update it through today.

Alrighty…class is in order. Here are your lessons for today…

Monkey Mae’s Lesson:

  • I am a new mommy…Monkey Mae is only eight months old. But I have learned that no matter how fabulous a pair of chandelier earrings is, they are not worth the resulting flesh wound.

Kisma’s Lessons:

  • Having kids has taught me how to be patient…. and reminded me that I was a kid once too.
  • when it comes to the phone, sex and movies…kids have STRONG RADARS!Interruptions will happen;-)

Lovingmylife’s Lessons:

  • That puke can fly up to 15mph and travel up to 10 feet before landing on your last remaining pair of clean jeans.
  • That wearing boogers on your shirt is actually an accessory to most outfits.
  • Children have sonar ears and will hear you opening the last candy even when they are supposed to be taking a nap!

Bree’s Lessons:

  • -make a birthday list for relatives or you are sure to get gifts that come with a zillion pieces and are not age appropriate.
  • -try really hard to get those kids to go potty before leaving the house…juggling 1 child in my arm & trying to get potty child to not touch the seat is darn near amazing (and so hard on my body)
  • -minimize purse contents because they are doomed to be emptied at the most awkward time.
  • -don’t even bother wearing white anymore- – –
  • thanks for this. I love seeing the humor in child raising. having children made me discover my heart, I wouldn’t change a thin- except maybe a little more sleep 🙂

Trooppetrie’s Lessons:

  • to carry baby wipes even if your kids have been potty trained for years.
  • not to talk about anyone in front of your kids unless you are willing for them to repeat it to them

Learning And Living By Faith’s Lessons:

  • I have learned to not say “I will never…….my kids.” Cause then 3, 4, or more years later I will.
  • I have learned, just because I think I will remember which baby was which in 10 years…it’s much safer to label the picture anyway.
  • I have learned that small toys, ie. legos, small hot wheel cars, lincoln logs can cause injuries to the feet that last for weeks.
  • I have learned that when my 12 year old wants to sit on my lap, to let him. When he is 14 he won’t want to so much.
  • I have learned that letting her wear her Sunday school dresses to play princess in is worth the extra laundry, in smiles.

A Lil Story’s Lessons:

  • The minute you get on the phone, your house will become a war zone: couch cushions flying, dishes breaking, juice spilled on the floor, bleeding wounds, and all of them screaming louder than should be humanly possible.
  • Just wait until they’re in bed to make your phone calls. =)

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  1. Oh. Geez. These were funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL I loved reading though these!I know I'm late but would love to add…When you are tired pudding thrown on the wall will make you cry, when you are rested, you will run for the camera. I'm trying so hard to live in those Kodak moments:)

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