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Thursday I asked for all of you to share some of the mind shattering wisdom that you have learned since you have had kids. The purpose of this was to be able to educate other mothers on the more delicate matters of parenting. There were so many entries, I am splitting it into many posts. If you have any lessons you want to add…leave them in the comments and I will include yours and link you up!

Here are some of the lessons that you have learned:

Erin’s Lessons:

  • No matter how new your portable DVD player, it will break within the first thirty minutes of a twelve hour car drive.
  • You may think that you have your children engaged in a movie long enough for your husband and you to sneak in a quickie but they have a radar for things like that and within thirty seconds will be screaming outside your bedroom door wanting to know what you are doing.
  • When it’s quiet in the house you are in big trouble. There is something naughty happening behind one of those closed doors.

Become What You Are‘s Lessons:

  • I have learned (after a grand total of 12 years of breastfeeding) that you do not need to worry when answering the door for the UPS guy in the middle of a feed that he’ll see anything. You may, in fact, be exposed, but those guys just don’t think to look for breasts down that low!
  • I have learned that two “tweenage” boys are too big to do the Super Mario wall jump on a glass paneled door.
  • I have learned that dryer lint and dryer sheets go up in flames VERY quickly.
  • I have learned that unfrozen popsicle pouches are the preferred food of adventurers “stuck” on Mt Everest and it can sustain them for hours.
  • I have learned that if you “rescue” a sick pigeon by bringing it into your room, it WILL freak out and it WILL poop all over your brother’s bed.
  • I have learned that the second drawer in your dresser is a good alternative to the laundry bin for a wet/poopy diaper when you don’t want to go from the third floor to the basement.
  • I have learned that a bag of dog poop in a paper bag will burn like the dickens when lit on your neighbor’s porch.
  • And I have learned that I would take those days back in half a heartbeat and do it all over again!

Bethany’s Lessons:

  • As a mom I’ve learned that a computer screen image can be turned sideways and the only one who knows how to fix it is the two-year-old who put it that way to begin with.
  • I’ve learned that daily showers are a luxury.
  • I’ve learned that your own kids’ poop doesn’t smell as bad as other kids’ poop.
  • I’ve learned that just because it doesn’t smell as bad doesn’t mean it smells good.
  • I’ve learned that blood can come from all kinds of weird places – like tear ducts.
  • And I’ve learned that if your 8 y.o. eats nothing but Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he will have rainbow colored surprises in the toilet the next day.
  • And that he will think it’s blood. And that he is going to die.

Brandie’s Lessons:

  • With the 1st child, you freak if the paci hits the ground and you MUST wash it (even if the baby is screaming his head off). With the 2nd, you realize the 5 second rule SO applies and a visual once-over and blowing off obvious dirt is totally acceptable. By the 3rd, you come to your senses and… what’s that saying??? God made dirt… and you just stick it right back in their mouth. πŸ˜‰

Lolidots’s Lessons:

  • Let’s not forget that when hubby tags along for the trip, we are adding another child. One that will sword fight with the pool noodles, push all the buttons on the talking toys, try on all the goofy hats, let the kids do whatever they want and make the trip twice as long and twice as expensive. πŸ˜‰

Cascia’s Lessons:

  • As a mother of four children I have learned so much so it is hard to share just one tip..hmm let me think, the best one that I can think of is this, You can not put your penny back in your piggy bank once swallowed. Oh and here are a couple more things I have learned.
  • Babies laugh if they are pulled across the carpet.
  • Toothpaste can be used as finger paint and the bathroom mirror makes a wonderful canvas!

Do you have any “lessons learned” you want to share?

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5 replies

  1. This was great. Love the showers are a luxury, dryer lint can go into flames (yowza!) and there's trouble when it's too quite. But they were all great. Made me laugh. And ponder. Thanks.

  2. These are great! I know I sure have learned a lot since having kiddos. -make a birthday list for relatives or you are sure to get gifts that come with a zillion pieces and are not age appropriate. -try really hard to get those kids to go potty before leaving the house…juggling 1 child in my arm & trying to get potty child to not touch the seat is darn near amazing (and so hard on my body)-minimize purse contents because they are doomed to be emptied at the most awkward time. -don't even bother wearing white anymore- – – thanks for this. I love seeing the humor in child raising. having children made me discover my heart, I wouldn't change a thin- except maybe a little more sleep πŸ™‚

  3. And through all the horrors, it's obvious that we all love what we do!

  4. These are great – and so true! I'd like to add:I've learned that as soon as they establish a sleep pattern, and you start to count on it, it will change!

  5. I LOVE it!!!!!I'm telling you…Weekly blog carnival.Hot stuff, you…I guarantee it!

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