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Yesterday’s post about “Lessons learned with kids and grocery shopping” was pretty funny, but YOUR comments took it to a whole new level of funny! First, thanks to all of you who participated and shared your own lessons. Secondly, I am opening up today’s post to your “Lessons” that you have learned since you have had kids.

If you are unsure what I am talking about, check out these posts:

Alrighty, here’s the deal. Leave me a comment with “Lessons You Have Learned Since You Have Had Kids”. Saturday I will make a post compiling all of the comments with a link back to you. I have no doubt that it will be a heck of a post…I have got some readers with a serious funny bone!!

Finally…I am doing a phone interview with Lucille O’Neal (Shaq’s Mom) a little later today. I will have a audio copy of that interview that I will post on my blog as soon as it is available. We will be discussing her new book “Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go” I have 5 copies of her book that I want to give to YOU. Shoot me an email and I will send out a copy to the first 5 people.

So…What are some lessons that you have learned since you have had kids….

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11 replies

  1. No matter how new your portable DVD player, it will break within the first thirty minutes of a twelve hour car drive.You may think that you have your children engaged in a movie long enough for your husband and you to sneak in a quickie but they have a radar for things like that and within thirty seconds will be screaming outside your bedroom door wanting to know what you are doing.When it's quiet in the house you are in big trouble. There is something naughty happening behind one of those closed doors.I've got a bunch more but they relate to Colby and I don't know if you'd want it from a special needs perspective.

  2. As a mom I've learned that a computer screen image can be turned sideways and the only one who knows how to fix it is the two-year-old who put it that way to begin with.I've learned that daily showers are a luxury.I've learned that your own kids' poop doesn't smell as bad as other kids' poop.I've learned that just because it doesn't smell as bad doesn't mean it smells good.I've learned that blood can come from all kinds of weird places – like tear ducts.And I've learned that if your 8 y.o. eats nothing but Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he will have rainbow colored surprises in the toilet the next day.And that he will think it's blood. And that he is going to die.

  3. I am a new mommy…Monkey Mae is only eight months old. But I have learned that no matter how fabulous a pair of chandelier earrings is, they are not worth the resulting flesh wound.

  4. That puke can fly up to 15mph and travel up to 10 feet before landing on your last remaining pair of clean jeans.That wearing boogers on your shirt is actually an accessory to most outfits.Children have sonar ears and will hear you opening the last candy even when they are supposed to be taking a nap!

  5. With the 1st child, you freak if the paci hits the ground and you MUST wash it (even if the baby is screaming his head off). With the 2nd, you realize the 5 second rule SO applies and a visual once-over and blowing off obvious dirt is totally acceptable. By the 3rd, you come to your senses and… what's that saying??? God made dirt… and you just stick it right back in their mouth. 😉

  6. As a mother of four children I have learned so much so it is hard to share just one tip..hmm let me think, the best one that I can think of is this, You can not put your penny back in your piggy bank once swallowed. Oh and here are a couple more things I have learned. Babies laugh if they are pulled across the carpet.Toothpaste can be used as finger paint and the bathroom mirror makes a wonderful canvas!I blogged about this topic a while back.

  7. I have learned (after a grand total of 12 years of breastfeeding) that you do not need to worry when answering the door for the UPS guy in the middle of a feed that he'll see anything. You may, in fact, be exposed, but those guys just don't think to look for breasts down that low!I have learned that two “tweenage” boys are too big to do the Super Mario wall jump on a glass paneled door.I have learned that dryer lint and dryer sheets go up in flames VERY quickly.I have learned that unfrozen popsicle pouches are the preferred food of adventurers “stuck” on Mt Everest and it can sustain them for hours.I have learned that if you “rescue” a sick pigeon by bringing it into your room, it WILL freak out and it WILL poop all over your brother's bed.I have learned that the second drawer in your dresser is a good alternative to the laundry bin for a wet/poopy diaper when you don't want to go from the third floor to the basement.I have learned that a bag of dog poop in a paper bag will burn like the dickens when lit on your neighbor's porch.And I have learned that I would take those days back in half a heartbeat and do it all over again!(and nuts that I'm too late for the book!)

  8. Having kids has taught me how to be patient…. and reminded me that I was a kid once too. when it comes to the phone, sex and movies…kids have STRONG RADARS!Interruptions will happen;-)

  9. The minute you get on the phone, your house will become a war zone: couch cushions flying, dishes breaking, juice spilled on the floor, bleeding wounds, and all of them screaming louder than should be humanly possible. Just wait until they're in bed to make your phone calls. =)

  10. I have learned to not say “I will never…….my kids.” Cause then 3, 4, or more years later I will.I have learned, just because I think I will remember which baby was which in 10 years…it's much safer to label the picture anyway. I have learned that small toys, ie. legos, small hot wheel cars, lincoln logs can cause injuries to the feet that last for weeks. I have learned that when my 12 year old wants to sit on my lap, to let him. When he is 14 he won't want to so much.I have learned that letting her wear her Sunday school dresses to play princess in is worth the extra laundry, in smiles.

  11. to carry baby wipes even if your kids have been potty trained for years. not to talk about anyone in front of your kids unless you are willing for them to repeat it to them

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