I Get By…

…with a little help from my friends.

Alrighty, I would love for some of you to shoot my an email and offer to do some guest blogging. No particular topic (unless you would love to make up a song, Real Moms Of Genius or some lessons learned) In the next 3ish weeks, my blogging is going to be pretty scarce. We are down to the wire with the moving, my laptop is dying (never fear…one is being shipped as we speak) and my brain has seriously HAD enough. So if you want to guest blog, hit the “Contact Me” button and let me know!

It has been so stressful these past few months…come to think of it; it’s been stressful since September when we officially put the house on the market. In addition to trying to sell our house, The Grays moved in with us, Bitsy was born, we found the dream home…the list seems to go on and on.

To top it off, these jerks (Yes, they are jerks and you will see why) who put a contract on our house have been unbearably dumb. Our closing date was set for May 25th with our move-out date set for June 4th. They agreed to this…THEY SIGNED IT! Wednesday I get a call from our realtor telling us that they purchased some kind of “early closing packet” and want to close the next day.

Ummm….did you forget what you signed?

Well, we ended up agreeing to the early closing and then they decided to turn into toddlers. You know….crying, being irrational, stomping their feet and not caring about anyone else.

They decided that they weren’t going to sign the closing papers at all unless we agreed to let them move in on June 1st.

Once again, did you forget what you signed?

It seems that their landlord wanted them out on the 1st and they didn’t have anywhere to live. So to them, it made complete sense to kick out a family with 3 small children so that they weren’t inconvenienced.

Here’s the deal. The “Dream Home” is a short sale. It does not follow the usual rules of real estate and we don’t have a closing date set in stone. All we know is that it should be before the 28th. However…we don’t KNOW that. It could very easily take a few more days depending on when everyone gets their John Hancock’s on the bottom line.

How could I possibly agree to allow them to move in early if I don’t know when I will have somewhere to move to? Follow my thinking here?

Our agent called and said the girl (Yes, a girl…not a woman. A woman has more class than that) was boo-hooing at the closing table because she didn’t plan ahead on the original move in date of the 4th. It made perfect sense to her that we should be forced to move out early, regardless of if we had somewhere to move to.

They basically held us hostage over this closing contract. We had to sell this house, because we have a contract on another one. They have finally caved and signed, but if history is any judge with these people, this will not be the last we hear of it. They have been a thorn in our side since the very beginning. Sending inspectors and appraisers without consulting with us on our schedule. Coming to see the house, but showing up late and having a temper tantrum because we were in the house. Then there have been at least 20 calls (this is not an embellishment) trying to convince us to move out early. They even sent a termite inspector who claimed there were termites, but if we would just let them go ahead and move in; they would take care of it. We got two other termite companies to come look at the house and there was no evidence of termites. Just a little game they were trying to play.

Now do you see why I call them “Jerks”?

So anyways…I need some guest bloggers to fill in while I am up to my armpits in wrapping paper, boxes, packing tape and finalizing when we move to the Dream Home.

Help me get by with a little help from my friends.

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4 replies

  1. I could come post pictures of my new grandbaby :)Don't forget to republish some of your past goodies!

  2. Yikes! Sounds like you are really dealing with some childish dingleberries over the move thing. I don't envy you. I hope everything goes smoothly as you pack and move on. Maybe when you leave the house leave a big ole poo in all the potties just for some revenge 🙂 LOL J/K…sorta.

  3. Wow! I pray you can get through this nightmare and into your dream house and never see or hear from those buyers ever again. Wish I could help but I can't this time. I agree with the above comment, re-post some of your old stuff. I'm a sorta new follower and I'd appreciate reading it?http://hauplight.blogspot.com/

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