My Whiny Post

Why wait for Calgon to take me away, when Southwest Airlines could do a much better job…

It’s been the most frustrating 24 hours. Considering all the really bad stuff that can happen, it’s more of just a slight paper cut, rather than an amputation of a day.

But, dang it all…sometimes it just feels like its the worst day you ever had. The kind of day that you want to grab some chocolate, your blankie and hide in the darkest recess of your closet until the “storm” ends.

I won’t get into the juiciest details for fear you would just roll your eyes and tell me to put on my big girl panties, but I will tell you that out of the blue, random things are going to cost us about 4K to repair.

I have heard before that when you are buying a new house, Murphy (of Murphy’s Law) will move into your spare bedroom.

Well, like I twittered today…Dear Murphy, you can leave the same way you came and don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

PS…you can’t have my spare bedroom. That is going to be a playroom and you are not invited over to play Barbies with us. So take that *pbbbbbttt*

On top of that (like it really needing topping) The Head Crayon and I are bickering like two old farm women at the jelly contest at the State Fair over who has the best recipe.

Only we are meaner. A lot meaner.

We have 13 years of dirt on each other and when the stress builds is when the dishes….I mean the dirt really flies. I have read so many helpful marriage books that talk about “Always Fighting Fair” That theory is blown when you are so stressed out that the other person’s chewing or blinking aggravates you. Next you start picking on their insecurities…then comes the really fun part of getting to drag their family into it. “I guess you got THAT from your mother” type of statements.

We have found a solution that works sometimes on diffusing the nasty fights.

I have to morally recommend that only married people do this.

Never do this with a random fight with a stranger unless you have someone who can pay your bail.

Next time your spouse is chewing you up one side and down the other…strip down to nothing.


You literally can not fight when you are naked. Your husband won’t want to fight if you are naked.

Anyways, that my marriage tip for today. I am going to bed tomorrow on the promise that tomorrow is a new day.

I swear that is my one obligatory whiny post for the month.

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18 replies

  1. Aw, I hope tomorrow is better! It super sucks when it seems like everything is going wrong and once and 0007 and I always end up at each others' throats from all the stress. I am lo-oving your marriage tip though! Gonna have to try that one!

  2. Haa Haaaaa! I love it! Strip naked. You're absolutely right – I could never fight naked. But I'm afraid it would lead to things that I would not be in the mood to do seeing as I'm angry – right? Is angry sex any good? Was that too far?

  3. Bethany,Nah, not too far. Trust me…you can't be mad after you have stripped down either. The look on your man's face when he is gathering another breath to yell again and then he sees you TOTALLY NATURAL…you'll be laughing, he will be laughing…and laughing, fun sex is the best!

  4. I don't know…stripping down to nothing could stop a fight with my hubby, but if the children are around, that could scar them for life. LOL!Sorry to hear about your bad day. Hope tomorrow is a better one for you!

  5. You really have been having a rough go of it! I love your tip, though. I'd bet your right – my hubs would be completely on hold, at least for a little bit!

  6. That does sound like it would end the fight.

  7. Love it, fighting fair. Yes stipping would help…I assumekim

  8. O my gosh the naked thing is so true and funny. Hello from UBP

  9. You crack me up! Oh…and, I just need to let you know…I had no idea…until right this very minute…that you made a reference to big girl panties.Now I feel like a copy cat. :(Me no likey copy cats. ^o.o^

  10. I just realized that I say “you crack me up” a lot, don't I?I'll hafta mix things up a bit.

  11. Great tip!! But seriously its the hubs that is usually on the bad end of the deal? Any tips for that!!I will definitely use this if I ever get in trouble ; )I hope things get better. We are having a rough time here too. I just want to get my chocolate and hide under my covers until it all gets better. My kids wont let me though : (

  12. Sorry things aren't going great, good tip for fighting though! Lol.Mabe the award I have for you on my blog will help! πŸ™‚ a good one!

  13. I am so sorry things are not so great right now. but i have a question. Do you think getting naked would work if my husband is across the ocean. I wonder if I just told him i got naked if he would be nice. hahahahaha.I hate repairs

  14. I have to say this is AWESOME advice!Marriage is tuff and anybody who thinks otherwise doesn't get it. Being married 15 years my hubby and I have had to come up with some interesting ways of communication… I hope your day today was better!!

  15. After reading this, I'm just glad we don't have a spare room. Nowhere for Murphy to take up residence.

  16. Yeah, what Bethany said. My hubs would just ask me to do something nasty which would make me mad all over again! LOL.

  17. funny funny tip. i think i'll have to try it next time πŸ˜‰

  18. LOL! So funny! Strip naked. Sorry you are having a tough time. I'm sure it will get better soon. June maybe, after you are settled in… Ok July then! It's good to whine every now and then!

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