A Mother’s Day Present To Talk About

The Scribblers and I

I received a Mother’s Day present to talk about. I suppose I could tell you about the huge bouquet of flowers I received (another handful of weeds) or the gorgeous necklace the girls got me (nothing more precious than yarn and raw macaroni to match the little black dress) or the cutest card ever (a picture of a child coloring on the walls with the caption “One day we will laugh about this” – by the way Honey, perfect card!!) but the best gift I received was by Buzz, my late talker. Out of her still very limited vocabulary she managed to tell me all day long “Happy Mudder Day” In fact, other than asking for “chicken & fries”….I think it is all she said all day long. I am totally OK with that!

I don’t think all the roses, diamonds or cards could outshine hearing those words come from her lips. OK…I would be willing to weigh the diamonds…Nah, just kidding! Having a late talker may not seem like a big deal or disability to many, but it is a frustrating and very real disability for a family that has a late talking child in it. To not be able to communicate effectively is heartbreaking and that is NOT putting it mildly. Not being able to understand basic needs or wants from your child such as a glass of juice, needing to use the restroom or just needing a hug.

We are entering Buzz’s 4 1/2 year of life and she is really beginning to make tremendous strides with her speech. She is learning finally after years of silence and gibberish to make her feelings known through her words and getting to hear her wish me a clear and understandable “Happy Mudder’s Day” makes my heart soar for her, for us. It is truly a present to “talk about”!

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  1. Sweet. I love Mothers Day.

  2. Best gift ever. :o) Glad you had a great mother's day!

  3. Oh How wonderful! That brought a huge smile to my face.. I can only imagine how happy you were!! That is so awesome!

  4. It is frustrating when you can't tell what they want. Glad she is making strides.

  5. That is the perfect Mother's Day present. We had a late talker. He was 3 1/2 before we could really understand him and that was with speech therapy. So I understand. There is nothing sweeter than hearing them talk and to you = priceless! Glad you had a good Mother's Day!

  6. I know that frustration, so I wish you a whole hearted congratulations! More triumphs to come, I'm sure!

  7. Your husband card with the picture of one of the kids drawing on the wall was priceless. Glad to hear Buzz is doing so well. Just stop by to see what was doing over here. Seems alls well. Smiles.http://hauplight.blogspot.com/

  8. Awwww…*virtual high five to Buzz* and a big ol' (((((YOU)))))) for you!!I had goosebumps reading this post! Makes me so happy for you!!!

  9. That's a great gift. I can imagine the frustration and heartache.

  10. That is pretty sweet and you will always remember it.TiffanyPeace, Love and Chocolatehttp://liferequiresmorechocolate.com

  11. That is such a wonderful gift indeed! Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

  12. Perfect! What an exciting day!I miss you girl.

  13. Perfect! What an exciting day!I miss you girl.

  14. Oh what a beautiful mother's day present! That's wonderful. Happy belated “Mudder's” day! 😉

  15. Awww! My son went around all day saying ,” I love mother's day!”

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