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  1. Oh. You have NO idea what you are doing to my womb.It's throbbing. It feels empty. It's crying out for a baby!!!Stop! Please…or just send me Bitsy.

  2. Adorable!! Bitsy SO looks like Buzz!! ❤

  3. Almost makes me want another one. Almost. 🙂 Beautiful shots.Happy WW!

  4. Oh for cryin' out loud….don't post photos like this…they make me maybe want another baby. lolSOOOOO precious!!~melody~

  5. Gorgeous! Ohhhhhhhhhh… Seriously good.

  6. Love those pictures! I LOVE babies! Precious!

  7. Oooh! Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go smell the top of a baby's head. Not good for the baby fever!

  8. More! More!!! Beautiful photos of beautiful “baby bits”! Keep 'em coming.It pricks my “baby fever” too, but alas, it seems it is not meant to be. I guess I'll just have to “settle” for a grandchild!

  9. Oh…”little piggy toes” my favorite!

  10. Great pictures! A few more weeks and I'll be breathing that newborn baby smell. Ahhh….

  11. Precious, Precious, Precious! Your blog is too cute! Happy Wednesday! !

  12. Awww how sweet and precious!!

  13. Absolutely precious!

  14. What beautiful photos!! So sweet!

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