Powerless – Lessons Learned

Due to the recent storms, we went without power for a while. Here are some lessons I learned.

  1. Most important lesson, your brain will not register the fact that you are out of power.
  2. Whenever you enter a room you will flip the light switch and then have a small moment of surprise when it doesn’t work.
  3. No matter how many times you chastise yourself for trying the switch, you will still do it out of habit.
  4. If you have a radio that uses batteries, they will be dead.
  5. If it requires 3 “D” batteries, you will only have 2 “D” batteries and a collection of different “AA” batteries.
  6. When you find your flashlight, it will be dead.
  7. It requires 4 “AA” batteries and now you can’t find where you put them because it is dark and you need a flashlight.
  8. When dinner time rolls you decide that since you can’t use the oven, you will just microwave something.
  9. Duh…microwave uses what? Electricity.
  10. Electricity will inevitably go out when you have at least $400 worth of food in the freezer.
  11. You can use a grill to cook some of this food, if someone remembered to get propane that last time she grilled (not saying names or anything)
  12. If you are lucky, you have a generator.
  13. You probably nagged for months at the money that was spent on this piece of man equipment.
  14. You now get a lot of smug looks and “I told you so”
  15. The generator can only run a few things at a time. Choose wisely.
  16. Running the TV, DVD player and a fan is the wisest choice when you have children.
  17. Items in the fridge can always be replaced.
  18. Sanity in a parent…can not.

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13 replies

  1. aghhhhh I hate the smug look when a piece of man equipment is actually implemented!Having no power is no fun, but I'm glad you got through it okay!

  2. This is such a good post of how we depend on electricity. I realize it when we lose it.kim

  3. How true! Losing electricity is def. no fun. Glad you and your sweet family made it through OK!

  4. That is my new mantra – Sanity can not be replaced. Glad to hear you have a few comforts.

  5. Ha!!I would love to live a day in your home!!Love these lessons learned!

  6. Ha ha – great lessons! Thank G-d for the generator.

  7. The thing I hate the most about no power is not toilets.

  8. What great post!!! I hope your power is back on and your sanity is still intact!

  9. I am so glad you have a generator! Lucky girl to have a piece of man equipment around the house 😉

  10. FOR-REAL! although, I did stick the kids in the car once so they could watch DVD's. They sat out there for HOURS. Unfortunately they were soon stir crazy and wanted out.

  11. it's wonderful that you can keep your sense of humor through all that.

  12. I love the list! We are so dependent on power and it's funny to me how we flip on the switches every time. I can't remember the last time we were out of power – now I say that it will happen tomorrow. Great post!

  13. I'm with Lil's Garden … you seriously deserve an award for having the best sense of humor in a crappy situation!! ~melody~

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