Hot Item in Nashville Today

Regardless of my friend, Melody’s suggestion; I couldn’t help but look at Craigslist today for any kind of bargain. (It’s an affliction I have. I have taken two Tylenol with the hopes that it would pass, but no such luck.)

The top items today seem to be…

I have seen more footage today of people in canoes going through their neighborhoods.

The scuba gear will be useful when needing to go get your mail.

These are the last two remaining animals on the “Two by Two” checklist.

This is the hot item for sale today in Nashville.

OK, now to be serious because the situation does warrant some serious talk. The Cumberland river (which some city planner thought it was a GREAT idea to build Nashville around) is still continuing to rise and we are seeing historic landmarks and buildings flood. The Opryland Hotel had to be evacuated and is still taking on water. The Grand Ole Opry is starting to take in water. LP field is only good for water polo and hundreds of other businesses just in downtown Nashville alone are damaged…and still the waters rise.

We went out today to visually assure ourselves that the new house was still standing (it was!) and passed scene after scene of the flooding. Golf courses that are now lakes, car dealerships still under water, large trees uprooted and giant sink holes in the roads. Like I said yesterday…our area wasn’t that badly hit.

I listened to our local talk radio station today (99.7 WWTN) and caller after caller talked about the horrors of different areas. There is a whole subdivision that is totally cut off by the flood waters and people there are without electricity, supplies, even their houses and no hope for rescue anytime soon. Just down the street from us we watched water & air rescues as they evacuated a community that is directly by the river and one of our many dams.

There are many in our area that have lost everything and hardly anyone had flood insurance because we are not supposed to be in a flood plain. If you can ease some of the suffering for these families, you can call 615-862-8574 to learn about the different needs of the many shelters that have been set up in the areas. If you are local to the Nashville, Clarksville and surrounding areas; they desperately need water, first aid supplies, toiletries and other necessary items.

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6 replies

  1. I just looked at some images of Hermitage Golf Course. Or Golf Lake. Or, couple of greens, a driving range, and some buildings. It's just unreal. My heart breaks for the people of Nashville.

  2. That is just so surreal.So crazy…and, I appreciate your ability to keep your sense of humor even in tough times! When the going gets tough…the tough get going…and they keep laughing!

  3. So sad. But I'm really glad you guys are ok and that your houses are still (mostly?) dry!

  4. Glad to know my bloggy friends and real life friends in TN are safe and not suffering from too much damage. I will keep praying for everyone effected by this. The images are so shocking and almost unbelievable that the water is still rising, so very sad.

  5. I am glad you are OK and your area wasn't hit too hard. I am praying for the hard hit areas!

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