Craigslist – A Unique Buying Experience

Bitsy is finally at the point to where she needs a highchair and some other assorted baby need (momma want) items. You would think that since this my 3rd child in 4 years, I would have some of these things. Not so much.

Being the ever frugal homemaker, I did what any self respecting coupon clipper would do and checked out craigslist. I adore craigslist, but sometimes the ads, items and sellers make it an interesting experience to say the least.

My first highchair inquiry was with a gentleman of unknown origins (meaning can’t spell and use basic English correctly)

Me: I read that you have a wooden high chair for sale on Craigslist. I would like to know the condition of this item.

Him: It is in well condition to sale. (Well condition? So…does this mean good? Cooked well done? It used to be sick?)

Me: Can you tell me a little more about this highchair?

Him: Wooden is the chair and it is high. (I am conjuring up images of a wooden chair getting high in a back alley at this point.)

*call terminated*

Next up is the Three Musketeers lady. “All for one and one for all”

Me: I read that you have a wooden highchair for sale and I would like to know it’s condition.

Her: It’s condition is good, but I also have a crib, mattress, hat rack and rebuilt 454 big block engine.

Me: OK, well I am only interested in the high chair.

Her: I am selling all the items for $800 cash.

Me: How much would you just sell the high chair for?

Her: I really need to sell all the items so they go as a group. Can you pay $725?

*call terminated*

Then we have Mr. Turn Anything Into Something Useful Guy

Me: I read that you have a large, sturdy 2 compartment white toy box for sale. Can you tell me of its condition?

Him: It’s in very good condition and all the racks inside have been removed.

Me: It has racks inside?

Him: It did, but I removed them along with the vegetable crisper and ice maker.

You also get Mr. Creepy Come To My House So I Can Lock You In The Basement Guy

Me: I read that you have multiple baby items for sale, what is the condition of the high chair, exersaucer and toy box

Him: I can’t explain it to you. I would prefer you come and look at them.

Me: Could you send me pictures of these items instead?

Him: I would prefer you come look at them in person. I carry them in a large van and can meet you tonight around 11pm behind the abandoned warehouse that is 50 miles outside of town.

*call terminated*

I finally have secured a high chair from a seemingly nice woman who didn’t mind bickering just a little. I’m still sending my husband to pick it up. He is a lot bigger than me and harder to fit in the trunk beside the big block engine and Rolex copies.

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  1. Thanks for having me ROFL. I have experienced similar trying to buy a bread machine on Craigslist.Love your blog. Great design!

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