Friendship and Happiness Delivered

Ever had a day that you open the mailbox and jump/dance around? No, I am not talking about the times that there is a wasp or a spider in there, but when there is really cool stuff waiting for you.

Today I opened the mailbox and found 2 packages. The best one was from our friend Kate. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the packaging. It was so sweet with the best card inside! She made Bitsy a special blanket! How cool is she?!?

It’s Bitsy’s favorite color and soooo soft! It was approved right away by a cuddle and some nuzzling! She is now taking a nap with it, because she wouldn’t let it go.

Bitsy tested and approved!

My favorite parts of the blanket are the fact that it says “I love Canada” all over it. We will always remember Kate’s love that she put into the blanket. If that wasn’t enough… look at this precious tag she sewed inside!

Kate, Your sewing was wonderful, but the thought behind it has made it a piece that will be treasured for many years. Thank you so much!

Next in the mailbox was a “Family Stone” necklace that I had won from Chocolate Silver Designs. I had been wanting some piece of jewelry that symbolized my three girls and winning one was icing on the cake! (Just in time for Mother’s Day too….although, Honey…this does not excuse you from buying me a gift!)

It came in the cutest little box wrapped up in ribbon (once again, forgetting to take a picture of the packaging) with a nice card including some business cards I can give to my family and friends (cause I know they are going to want one of these!) It’s the sweetest necklace ever and I adore that my girls’ birth months are displayed in these pretty charms!

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