The Package

Somewhere a gagillion posts ago, I talked about how we are teaching the girls to save money. They have a little piggy bank and when it gets full, they are allowed to buy a toy of their choosing. They get their money by the way of *gasp* manual labor, so each cent is treasured and respected and it seems as though the money is spent wisely.

Several days ago, Buzz placed her first online order. She had been wanting a V-Tech Laptop and finally earned enough money to get one. We marked the day of delivery and she would check the calendar every day to see how much closer it was.

Today was the day! (Insert the Hallelujah chorus here)

She waited by the front window like a dog waiting for its master to come home. Every time she heard a car approaching, she would get excited (thankfully she didn’t piddle on the floor) and jump around, screaming that the mailman was coming. For 5 whole hours she held vigil.

The UPS van finally pulled up in all of its brown glory. (Another Hallelujah chorus here)

I opened the door and we walked out the greet him. He was just pulling the box out when I called out a “Hey there” and explained that this was her first delivery of something that was hers. He caught on real quick and made a huge production of telling her, “Oh look what I have here. It’s a box just for you! I saw your name on it and couldn’t wait to bring it to you!”

She beamed brighter than a new penny.

He found some scrap paper in his pocket and had her “sign” for her package. She (with a little prompting) shook his hand and thanked him for bringing it.

He beamed brighter than a new penny.

She carefully carried her package inside and announced to Daddy and Belly, that her new ‘puter was finally here (Belly had one in there too….couldn’t leave her out!) For the past 5 hours she has carried that thing around like The Holy Grail. She almost wouldn’t take a bath for fear it would be out of her sight. As I type, she is sleeping with one arm around it.

Besides it being just a really neato awesome toy….it’s very educational. Within minutes she was working on her spelling, math and problem solving. It’s a little louder than I would prefer, but with the way she cheers herself on…I guess it needs to be pretty loud.

2 V-Tech LapTops – $45
2 day express delivery so we knew when it would arrive – $10
Seeing the pride on Buzz’s face as she received the package she had worked so hard for – Priceless

Categories: learning finances, savings, V-Tech

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