The Ultimate After Party Party

I had so much fun at the Ultimate Blog Party 2010! I attended the live event in which our questions were answered about blogging and then I hit the Twitter event (which I am not really sure what happened as it all just blurred by me and made my eyes cross)

Just when the bean dip is starting to crust in the crock pot and the balloons are losing their air, we make it to the After Party. That’s right, it’s a party after the party. Do these gals at 5 Minutes For Mom know how to party or what?

I found a metric ton of new blogs to read and my blogroll is feeling like a greedy tick on a hound dog. There are so many fantastic blogs out there, but three that are new to me and are just wonderful are:

Five Amazing Minutes

I Don’t Believe In Grammar

Life Without Pink

I enjoyed everyone’s visit to my blog and am still working through all the comments. I hope you stick around cause I have a great giveaway coming this next week, plus a review with some discounts for you (haha…that rhymed!)

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