Patience Patient

I really thought after I had The Scribblers that God didn’t need to teach me any more lessons in patience. Just the fact that I am not popping Excedrin Migraine in a Pez dispenser, or beatinf my forehead into all the door frames should prove that I have really learned this patience deal.

I was wrong. I still need lessons. I am still a Patience Patient.

This house selling/buying business has pushed my patience level to the red zone of the pressure valves.

The theory from the reports coming out of the news and from Realtors is that once this April 30th deadline for the Homebuyers Tax Credit expires, that if a house hasn’t sold it very well might not. Then there are the grumbles of interest rates rising…it’s just not a good market to sell.

So I have been praying. I know we are supposed pray “Thy will be done” but OMGoodness that is hard when you really want something. Not only that, but how do you pray with true honesty on something like this?

Dear God,

I really would like my house to sell and buy that perfect house that I found…but thy will be done and I will glorify you no matter the outcome. Well honestly, I am going to be a little ticked off…Ok Ok…a lot ticked off. But then, you already know that. You see God, I am not trying to be selfish. It’s not just for me that I want this house. I want the house for the kids so they can live in the country, go to smaller schools and have room to run. Alright…so I want the nice kitchen…I didn’t fool you did I? But it’s for the kids too. I know I am supposed to pray for your will to be done…but can’t this be your will? Can’t you work with me here and get my house to sell? I know you already have my life planned out for me, you know every hair on my head…by the way…what’s up with the gray ones? What did I do to get those? Alright, off subject…back to your plan for my life. Can this house buying/selling thing go under free will? Can we go that route? I know better than to make deals with you…let’s be honest…that deal I made about passing my SATs and tithing 40% for 10 years didn’t work out to well, I am sorry about that. So I am not going to make any deals. You know my heart, I really want this house and I want mine to sell. This may not be your will and you may have something better for my life. So, if you don’t have this house thing in my life plan, can you at least let me know somehow that there is something better so it doesn’t sting quite so bad. Did I mention that I am going to be mad for a while…I hope you are OK with that, because I am human and selfish. OK so we are good now? Right? Amen.

I just don’t know a better way to pray about these types of things to someone who is omnipotent and knows my heart. It does me no good to lie and say I understand; He knows better. So I am trying to just see Him as The Healer and me The Patience Patient.

How do you pray in a situation where you want His will to work for you?

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  1. yes, we must pray thy will be done. I prayed for patience years ago. God gave me many things to practice on. Be careful for what your pray for.

  2. First of all I love the blog layout. My favorite so far.Second, as a mom if I said no to my child, and he came to me honestly and said how upset he was with the answer he got, I would listen and try to help him make the best of the situation. I believe God will do that for us too.Third in the bible verse “Lord make my feet like that of a deer” the writer (david?) is not asking God to make him jump higher or make the path easy but is actually asking God to give him feet for the path he was given. Lord help me accept the plans you have for me and give me to tools to handle it. Gods plans for you exceed your dreams of your future home. You may not realize it until its over but TRUST HIM.Love the post! I haven't told anyone yet but we took our house off of the market this morning. I feel your frustrationLisa

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