Guest Blogging

Today I am guest blogging over at Lessons Learned. Come check me out over there to find out the lessons that I learned in blogging.


Are you still there?

First, did you notice my new blog design (No? Better have your eyes checked) I got it from Lindsay over at Blogaholics Design (button is in my sidebar) I had been contemplating a new look, but held off because I didn’t think anyone could please me. I did NOT want a cookie cutter, scrapbook on caffeine look. After sending Lindsay a brief email, she had this design ready in no time. It was like she was in my head…scary actually. She made my design match my personality and my blog content AND…AND!!!…she did it for a reasonable price. Seriously…REASONABLE (Like, you feed a family of four for less than what she charges!) There were a couple of little things that I wanted to change and she made the changes swiftly and painless. Lindsay is just the nicest gal you could ever want to meet and a complete pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her! Go check her out now! I know she won’t disappoint you.

Before you go, I just have to show you some new pictures of The Scribblers.

Buzz and her Easter bunny (and the little sisters’ bunnies too)

Buzz and her best friend in the world

Momma and Buzz goofing around

Great GooglyMoogly…I got a pic of the 2 year old smiling! Score!

The only one who understand her 2 year old angst

My temperamental angel.

Bitsy…my smallest Scribbler

I love when she looks so serious

Cuddling the only one who can’t run away from me.

Thanks for stopping by…Toodles!

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5 replies

  1. Hey girlie! I was a little behind in your last few blog post but I LOVE the new look! It is fantastic and suits you well :)Loving all these pictures of your little scribblers… they are adorable.Read your post on your in laws and I totally understand. We are going through a similiar situation with my grandmother (has not been formally diagnosed yet.. but everyone except my grandfather agrees she needs further testing) It is a tough situation. Will keep you guys and them in my prayers.

  2. I'm nosy, and I wonder what comment you deleted :)Adorable pictures.

  3. LOVE the new design!! And those pictures are just priceless…the wee one is getting so big!WM

  4. AWESOME new design! So cute! And what great pictures of the scribblers!

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