An Impact Is Felt

After the NY Times published THIS article that caused “mommy bloggers” around the world to unite against the attack of the importance of their voice; someone has finally gotten it right.

Diane K. Danielson of Forbes writes and article titled “What business can learn from ‘mommy bloggers”

She praises “Mommy Bloggers” for:

They have a collective voice and are not afraid to use it to tackle corporations. Take the Motrin Moms, for example, who got McNeil Consumer Healthcare to stop running an ad that they found condescending. Imagine if that clout was used to demand they promote more women into higher management? Or to elect more female politicians?

They’ve built a powerful network. The Mommy Bloggers seem to be more about supporting one another than competing with one another.

They’ve convinced corporate America that women are an important voice when it comes to kids and products aimed at their demographic. Now that we have women giving opinions from the outside, perhaps they can help us get more women on the inside.

They’ve developed their own flexible employment. Yes, these women are building their brands around the fact that they are parents. But at the same time they are selling ad space and products via blogs and affiliate programs.

They are learning marketable skills. Sure they are not making the huge salaries, but they are developing skills beyond what traditional unemployment outplacement services are offering. Technology, blogging, Web design, video editing, marketing, communications, PR, advertising, writing, journalism … Yep. They’re doing it all and learning it all.

They are making the world a better place. The transparency they are bringing to child care and product safety and the rapid dissemination of information is a huge benefit for all. They are not making decisions based on shareholder value but on their own personal values.

Thank you Diane for recognizing this hard working group of women!

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