Monkey See, Monkey Do

In a study, a group of monkeys were locked in a room with a pole at the center. Some nice, ripe bananas were placed at the top of the pole. When a monkey would begin to climb the pole to get a banana, he would be knocked off with a blast of water from a fire hose. Each time a monkey would climb, off he would go, until all the monkeys had been knocked off repeatedly, thus learning that the climb was hopeless. It was then observed that the monkeys would pull down any monkey trying to climb. When researchers would introduce a new monkey to the group and he tried to climb the pole, the others would pull him down. One by one, each monkey was replaced with a new monkey and the scene was repeated until there were no monkeys left in the room that had actually experienced the fire hose. Still, none of these new monkeys would climb the pole. They pulled each other down each time one decided to give it a go. Not one monkey in the room knew why, but none were allowed to get the bananas.

 I heard this story yesterday on the Dave Ramsey show. He told it while he was talking about negative people in our lives. Dream destroyers. Those people who tell you you can’t do something, you aren’t smart enough, you’ll never be anything and you can’t succeed.

I am sure someone just popped into your head. You are thinking of that thing that they told you that you couldn’t do.
Why are you allowing someone else to do this to you? Why do you not even try?

Categories: dream destroyers, failure, monkeys, Study, success

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