Another Baby To Love

So you are thinking that perhaps you want another baby. Maybe the “New Baby Scent” just wore off your youngest one. Maybe you find yourself sitting in your rocker missing the cuddles of an infant. Maybe you are wandering to the baby section in the clothing store looking at the tiny pinks and blues. Maybe your heart just tells you that your family isn’t complete.

But then you start feeling unsure. Is it wrong to want another baby? Does it mean you aren’t happy with what you have? Will you have enough time? Will you have enough love?

I see this conversation between my friends and I have had it myself. So I ask you this (barring of course that your financial and emotional situation are stable) if it is on your heart and mind to have another child, what is holding you back?

Does it mean you aren’t happy with what you have? Of course we see people with one or two more of the same sex and it’s just assumed that if they are wanting another baby that they automatically want one of the opposite sex. I can honestly say that when I see these families (me being one of them) that another child born healthy to love is all that they really want. Sure, if you have dealt with only pink and lace; you might want some blue and airplanes. But really…if your heart wants another child does it really matter?

Will you have enough time? I have learned that having 3 children requires not much more time from me than just 1 child did. O.K…O.K…so it takes a little longer to get everyone dressed and out the door. But the amount of time I spend in “child custody” is no different. Reading a book…same amount of time; we just sit in a semi circle instead of sit in the rocker. Eating dinner…same amount of time; I just have cold food by the time I have cut everyone’s food into bite sized pieces. Play time…same amount of time; we just buy the bulk construction paper and the huge boxes of crayons. Cuddle time…same amount of time; although I find it increasingly more satisfying to cuddle two or more children at the same time and get double the hugs and kisses.

Will you have enough love? It seemed when I looked at my oldest daughter that I couldn’t ever love a child more that her. Then the strangest thing happened…it was like The Grinch when his heart grew…it does just that. It grows to accommodate no matter how many children you have. The heart is not hung up on numbers to service, it’s totally made out of elastic

So, my friends…to those who are wanting another baby to love. What’s holding you up? To those friends of mine who are past the point of another baby to love, my heart truly aches for you. I will one day be in your shoes and I can only pray that I handle it with the grace that each of you has shown. I can’t imagine anything more devastating than to want to love something that will never be.

As for me, right now…I still have one with a “New Baby Scent” so I am good….for now.

Categories: family, infants, Pregnancy

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