Fantasies – Secret Desires Of The Heart

Every woman has them, even the married ones.


Don’t shake your head, don’t try to deny it…you have them too. After all you are human. (Well, I think you are human…maybe I should put the word verification back on just to make sure you are a human)

Back to fantasies. They are the things that creep up on you and whisk you away from daily life. They are a promise of spine tingling pleasure, guilty secrets and desires fulfilled.

Often times you have a specific subject in mind. Kind of your “Go To Fantasy”…I discovered mine this weekend while I was with The Head Crayon and The Scribblers. We were working and ran out of an important chemical. Seeing as this is a commercial cleaning business, chemicals are kind of important; they are also hard to find. We had heard rumor that Sam’s Club (a huge bulk warehouse) had them so I called and confirmed it. By George, they had it and they had 55 cubes of the stuff. So off we went to get a membership and purchase the chemical to get back to work.

The Head Crayon knows me very well. I received strict instructions to get my membership, locate the chemical, purchase the chemical and look at NOTHING else. They had a handy map right there at the Member Services so while I was waiting for them to take my picture, I planned the most effective route. Straight past the jewelery, the mattresses and the household cleaning products. The picture they took has me looking quite flushed and pretty giddy.

That’s when I saw him…I felt tingly, I felt guilty for looking and I couldn’t look away.

Mr. Munchies 5 gallon container of cheese puffs.

Then I saw another and another and another….Oh heavens, I was told not to look. A container of paper towels as big as my kitchen table, a tub of peanut butter as big as my kitchen trash can and a package of diapers as big as one of those Smart Cars.

I tried not to look…really, I did. I hurried to the checkout and made it back to the car. I felt horrible for looking and horrible for not being able to look more. Since that moment, I have been having fantasies. Fantasies of going back and slowly walking down the aisle with my Mr. Munchies. Cradling the container against my chest and whispering sweet nothings to it. Getting one of those flat bed carts that are as big as my bed and piling it high of paper towels, diapers, peanut butter, etc.  It’s consuming me. I can’t stop thinking about it. I start adding up unit prices, cost per unit…I get flushed. I get goosebumps.

I must go look some more.

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