Thought Buffet

Welcome to the All You Can Eat Thought Buffet. Just like a real buffet with the pot roast, ribs and tacos; this is going to be a random serving.

We have almost run out of toilet paper. I am a stockpiling momma on just about everything. There are 500 diapers waiting to be used, 6 bottles of unopened mustard (3 are opened…WHY?!?) but for some reason we are down to one roll of toilet paper. I discovered this yesterday and actually spent about an hour looking everywhere for missing rolls. It’ can’t be true! ‘Tis the truth though. I have been carrying that last roll around like a newborn. Cradling it, protecting it. When anyone has to go, I count off 4 squares and wish them luck. Since it is super plush 3 ply, I expect you to be efficient and wise with your usage. I am now curious as to how long I can make this roll last.

I have received a whole slew of bloggy awards lately. I have also received a bunch of requests from The Scribblers for things like…being held, played with, fed and changed. (Demanding bunch that they are) Then The Head Crayon needs to borrow some of my gray matter for looking at new houses and such, plus I need to hold him too. The Grays need the thermostat changed every 15 minutes, the fan turned off, the fan turned on…I now know that once you hit about 75 your ability to correctly guess the air temperature around you is shot. 82 degrees in the house will feel like 42. Just because the dog is panting, the children are red and sweating and I am passed out from a heat stroke…it still must be frigid. I digress….the blog awards….I know I have received them and am thrilled to death to be honored by them. (You like me, you like me!!!) At this point in time I can’t for the life of me recall who gave them to me, when they were given or what kind of game I was supposed to play in order to not break the award chain. Accept my apology and my gratefulness.

I received an overwhelming response in response (that’s too many responses used in a sentence I think) to the information contained in my Late Talker’s Post and what exactly is this Einstein Syndrome theory. That word back there that is underlined is a link to the book you can purchase. BUT (because I believe truly helpful advice concerning your children should be free) tomorrow I will be writing about the things I learned from the book and from my own child. I will be talking about some of the things that the book taught me in relation to my own child, my observations and my opinions.

We had Bitsy’s 2 month well check the other day and I am proud as creamed peas to say that this little girl is going to outgrow the name Bitsy soon! She is up to a whoppin’ 10lbs and 13oz (birth weight was 6lbs 2oz if you forgot) and 20 inches long. That adds up to a little over 2 bags of sugar or 1 bag of potatoes plus a large hot house tomato. She is the squirmiest kiddo I have ever seen and is beginning to try out those smiling muscles. Personally I think she needs to work on the not crossing your eye muscles, but I have to admit…the smirk and crossed eyes are personally endearing.

We had a couple of days of 60 degree weather. I wore a t-shirt and rode with the windows down. I almost went home and shaved off the winter coat growth, but because I don’t usually skin landscape until March; I waited. It’s a good thing because we have had random flurries for the past two days and I would really hate to be nekkid under my flannels

That’s all for the Buffet. Hope you left full.

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  1. I can so totally relate with the toilet paper running low! My husband, who does the majority of our grocery shopping (God bless him!) is usually pretty good about making sure we have an ample supply of shampoo, peanut butter, and salad dressing. But TP is the thing I have to make sure to put on the list. Or else we will be digging into the paper recycling bin to see what we can scrounge up. Thus losing money for my kids' school since each piece of paper is worth .0000000001!!!

  2. You crack me up! Skin landscape? HILAR!!!

  3. Where all the toilet paper went is the million dollar question at my mom's. She'll buy the bulk thing from Sam's and then, a couple weeks later, it's gone. It's like magic. I feel you on the weather. I was running late to my 8am yesterday so I slipped on some flip flops – hey, it had been 60+ all weekend and Monday. So yesterday, it was cold and rainy. Perfect flip flop weather. Awesome. Now, it's flurrying.

  4. Like Kelly said, You crack me up! Hilarious!

  5. I just laughed so hard I was scared I would wake Kobe from his nap. Almost shaved off the winter coat growth ROFLMAO!!!! You crack me up!!!

  6. Man, I love you!!!! You are always good for a laugh…no, scratch that…a snort, a chuckle, a guffaw…a holding my sides 'cuz I'm laughing so ridiculously hard that it hurts!Loved it!!

  7. Skin Landscaping? That is too great! Winter + Jeans = Money Save on Shaving Cream. The same equation works with pregnancy too! :)I look forward to the post about Einstein Syndrome…

  8. 60s!!! Seriously, I'm coming for a visit like NOW!!!

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