The Ring

I have had a little problem for a couple of weeks. I tried to ignore it, I tried to wish it away; but it just kept squeezing me a little more each day. (Hey, that rhymed! Bonus points for me.)

I have this beautiful ring that my husband bought me way before we had children and we could throw money at sparkly things. It’s my birthstone plus some diamonds and it is EEGADS gorgeous! I never had it sized correctly but it was just small enough to not sling off my finger when I did a “toodle-o” wave. I never really cared to wear it on my ring finger, but there is where it fit best. After I had the baby and lost the massive amounts of water weight, I noticed that the ring was a little too loose on its normal finger. I had this bright idea (seemed like it at the time) to slip the ring on my middle finger where I had always wanted it. This is my meatiest finger by far (not freakishly meaty or anything) but for some reason, with very little effort the ring eased over the knuckle and looked perfect.

Apparently that finger weight loss was temporary, like maybe 24 hours kind of temporary.

Within a day I noticed I could not absent-mindlessly just twirl the ring around. I attempted a little tug on it and it was stuck. It was not coming over that knuckle any time soon. Thus began the “Ring Extraction” mission. A little bit each day I would work on it when I thought about it. Tried dish soap, soaking my finger in ice water, wesson oil, lithium grease, sucking on my knuckle, prayers, etc. After about a week it was apparent that conventional ring removal methods were not going to work. Not only that but every day my finger would swell a little more from my effort.

Today I finally had enough. It was time to get serious with my problem. I grabbed a leather strap, put it between my teeth and yanked. There was a moment that there were sparkles in front of my eyes and I felt kind of nauseated. Now I had really done it, it was stuck on my knuckle and my whole finger was turning purple and cold. I started to really panic. I pulled out the laptop and typed out everything I could think of in Google (not easy with a swollen, dying finger) to see how long my finger could last without circulation. The results weren’t pretty, so I ran to the garage and found some wire snips. At this point I enlisted the help of The Head Crayon (who said some pretty unflattering things about my intellect) to get it cut off. I was furious that it had come to this as it lay in pieces in my hand. It was off, but look at the cost. If only I had not tried to put it where it didn’t belong…If only I had gotten serious about it the same day that I put it on…

How many times have we been like the ring in our own lives? We’ve done something on a whim that we know wasn’t right and then as it starts to become uncomfortable, we make small attempts to fix it but don’t grasp how serious it is. It finally gets to the point that we are lying broken and in pieces. If only we hadn’t made that choice…If only we had gotten serious about fixing it before we had gotten too stuck.

I will be taking the ring to a jeweler who will know just what to do to put it back together. He will take those broken pieces and weld them back together to where there is not even a crease that shows its been cut. Just as God can take our broken pieces of our life and carefully put them back together. We just have to take it to Him and ask him to do it.

I have decided not to try on those size 6 jeans….not quite yet. Lesson learned.

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17 replies

  1. what a great post! So much easier to fix our problems right away. Glad you did not let it get so bad that you permanently lost your finger! 🙂

  2. Glad the situation was resolved…sad about your ring. Have a great Saturday!

  3. I can't believe nothing worked! Sorry it had to go to pieces to get it off. We had the opposite problem with my husband's ring. Bought it a size too big and less than two months after our wedding, it fell off when he was playing beach volleyball and lost it. Good thing we didn't invest too much in his ring!

  4. Sorry about the ring, but glad for your finger… Great post!

  5. Great Post! Good Parallel to Life, and Oh So True!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment. I am following you back.

  7. Oh, man…I had a visual of you being stuck in jeans…and someone having to cut you out!!Bummer 'bout the ring…photos when it's done?!! I love pretty, sparkly things!

  8. Oh dear friend, what a great post. Many many times in my life I have tried to fix things myself only to find myself broken and in pieces. I am so blessed to have a Father who loves me enough to piece me back together each time.Love you girl.

  9. Sorry about the ring:( but this is a lovely post. After the day I've had, it was just what I needed to see. Thanks girlfriend:)

  10. Great post, brilliant metaphor.

  11. Wonderful post! A great reminder of what can happen when we try to do it by ourselves.

  12. I think we all have something to learn here…

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  14. Thanks for visiting my blog…let us see that ring when you get it fixed:)

  15. You my friend, have SUCH a way with words!! I am glad your finger and your ring are okay! 🙂

  16. Love this post! Not the part about your having to saw the ring off your finger, of course, but the post in general.SO true.Lucy, fellow stuck-ringer**My wedding ring diamond got caught in the #$%&$@%&@$%#@*$# washer, and the entire mount came off. I can't get the ring off because my finger is momentarily, um, waterlogged (like for 6 years), so now it looks like it's lost a tooth. Charming. I did retrieve the diamond and manage to put it in a safe place (which would not be at home), so some day I may need to borrow that saw.

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