The Bachelor – Redefining Love

After years of hearing about The Bachelor captivating the nation and all the spin offs that have sprung up; I decided to turn it on and see what all the fuss was about.

I was shocked!

Is this what main stream viewers believe about love? Is this really the way that young women believe that love comes about? When did courting become a presentation of a key to “Fantasy Suite”? (If you don’t know what the Fantasy Suite is, it is the room that is all done up in candles, roses and bubble baths for the couple to spend the night together)

I watched as The Bachelor took each one of the final three girls to secluded areas and played kissy-face, proclaiming to the camera how much he felt bonded to each one…how much he “loved” them. Each one of the three girls were wildly opposites of each other, different interests and different personalities. How could he truly “love” each one of these girls with the strength and passion he claimed? How could these women believe that they were the “One” when he was jumping into the “Suite” with each one? The girls all threw themselves into the arms of this man and eagerly took the key to the Fantasy Suite.

Is this the new definition of love that we are teaching ourselves and our daughters? That physical love is just part of a trial run, competing with other women for the heart of one man? What happened to the day of love being pure and true between one man and one woman? The Bachelor takes love and cheapens it and throws it around as if it is nothing more than one’s hunger for lunch, easily satisfied and not particularly partial.

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  1. Would you tell me what you really think? :)I so agree.

  2. I live in the dark…just like you used to!i think, I might have watched some of the Bachelorette with Trista and Ryan…and I tend to agree!What about a short, lightening speed paced romance while competing against and backstabbing other woman is a good start to a healthy relationship?No wonder the odds are against them…but hey, it sells, apparently!

  3. Thank you! That show disgusts me! I refuse to watch it!

  4. Where did all the funny shows like Mad About You and Fraiser go anyway!!?? 😉

  5. I have to admit that I am totally sucked into this show. I watch it with disbelief over the same issues you have. I know that the ONLY reason he still has Vienna is because of the publicity. The girls display themselves as a piece of meat. It does totally disgust me the way that love is portrayed. I get so mad at mysel for being sucked into the show because I know it's all a publicity stunt on the shows part. They do such a good job that I can't stop watching though! ugh!

  6. Right on. I can't believe I have watched it in the past. It is a slap in the face to what real, hard-working love is all about. So glad you wrote this!

  7. I watch it out of pure amusement. I agree with your post but unfortunately there are one too many people who wrap their minds and hearts around everything about the show.

  8. I have not given in to curiosity for the reasons you had confirmed when you did. I can't imagine watching that train wreck.How about that show “Temptation Island”? Anyone remember that? I never watched that one either (but then again, I'm the lone holdout in America who has not watched “Idol” -ever ) but I do remember seeing promos of it and I couldn't believe that people would set themselves and their marriages up like that just for a shot at being on television.

  9. Wow, that was fast! I totally agree with you. We have been desensitized to what this really is. Thanks for this post. it was much needed

  10. I am also sucked into the show, but am extremely frustrated with it considering this bachelor, in particular, is supposed to be all about morals and values.

  11. I haven't kept up with it, thank goodness. It's not something I buy into. I agree with you…what are we saying to our daughters? Television has really sunk to an all-time low.

  12. I admit I used to watch this show years ago, but we have two teenage daughters in our home and I don't want them have these ideas and images plant weeds in their mind. Even if we were just watching it to make fun of it or for the “rubber necking” at these people… some of the low self esteem of these beautiful but lost and often broken women might dig in or worse yet, they may start to believe they need to “compete” to earn love… I would hate for our daughters to start comparing themselves to them or worse… mimicing them…

  13. I am sucked in too. I actually like the Bacherlorette better. I think it is more romantic. Thanks for participating in Friday Follow. I am catching up to the links. Rita @

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  15. I agree. Shows like that make me sick cause it has NOTHING to do with love. Thats whats so wrong with this world…people are all about lust and immediate satisfaction. Sigh.By the way you got an award! Swing on by!

  16. I'm with Carla. The show is vile. The thing that upsets me the most is that “the bachelor” is some sort of prize. Like they somehow LOSE if there's no “relationship” there. It sets women up to believe that any man is a prize, and they should do anything to win his favor. “he only beats me when I [insert random, trivial behavior]” And they say the Tebow ads promote violence against women?

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