You Are Here

I am a map reader. There is something extremely comforting about figuring out just where you are and what it is going to take for you to reach your destination. I especially love that big red dot that says “You Are Here” It lets me know that (so far) I have done the right things to get me to this very spot. I can then look at where I want to be and plot a straight forward course, unless I just happen to want to look at the World’s Largest Rubberband Ball or stop off at Uncle Jed’s World Famous Chicken. Even then, I get to plan my detours to what interests me and how much time I have.

Sometimes, I really wish I could see that “You Are Here” sign in my own life. Sure…the road less traveled..blah blah blah…but really, I need to see that I have done the right things and where I need to go from here. There have been times that I have been driving in an unfamiliar city where I have made the choice to veer off and just “see what is down this way” Sometimes I have hit dead ends, sometimes it takes me right back to where I was and then sometimes I hit that little diner that was tucked away that is so wonderful the locals try to keep it a secret. But in life…we don’t get no stinkin’ map.

I have no idea where the next turn is going to take me. What if this decision leads me to a dead end? I have passengers in my car now, trusting that I know where I am taking them. If I make the wrong turn, if I get us totally lost; where will we be?

In our “car” the Head Crayon does most of the driving. I read the map or look out the window and point to things of interest for us and The Scribblers. I also try to keep a sharp eye out for potholes, watch the gas gauge and point out that new rattle that the car is making. Although we know where we want to end up, the road is tricky. There are stops we are forced to make, detours that weren’t planned and sometimes we even find that local diner.

There are many times when I am looking at our future and at our “here and now” that I have to force myself to say “You Are Here” I look at the mounds of laundry, three small Scribblers needing to be fed, elderly parents that need attention, husband that needs some loving, dog that is ripping up a toy, phone ringing, letters that need to be mailed, etc….and have to say it “You Are Here” In a way, it is almost comforting. Just like when you see it on a map, it gives you a whole new starting point. It’s a chance to re-plot your course and just continue. It doesn’t really matter what it took to get you “here”, what mistakes you may have made; all that matters are “You Are Here”.

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  1. I was actually heading in another direction today…peeling my butt off this chair & doing some major organizing…but I took a small detour to “Here”.So glad I came, you have been a wonderful host and I have enjoyed my visit tremendously. 🙂

  2. Glad I read this post. I guess I now know what I'm doing today wil get me to where I someday wanna be…. Wonderful Post

  3. Yep! I needed that reminder today.

  4. What a wonderful post! You are so encouraging and inspiring. In those moments when I get the most frustrated, I try to remember that I have all I could ever want right here with my little family!

  5. What a great way to put it all. I needed to read as I feel lost in this life we have right now.Hubby does most of the driving her but I am the one telling him where to go and I am always hoping I am making the right decisions for all of us. We have to make a life changing decision soon and it scares me. What if I make the wrong choice?

  6. Fabulous post. Well worded. You are wonderful, my friend.

  7. Great post! I love it, “you are here”, so very, very true.Thanks for visiting my site. You know, typically, I am lost in a sea of “tall skinny” friends, so it's kind of funny for me to be the tall girl amongst all short ones. Have a great week!

  8. ok… I needed to hear that right now… what a beautiful post… so encouraging…

  9. I love this one! It reminds me of the Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read as a kid. You get the bottom of the page and have to make a choice. I ALWAYS cheated and checked the outcomes of both options before making my choice. Boy, do I wish i could do that in real life!But there really are several ways to get where we need to go, no matter what our journey. I love it when a blog makes me really think. Thank you!!

  10. I like your article.Life gives us detours, but we cannot back track and start over. You are here and must going on with what you have learn. “No sense in crying over split milk?” It will not clean up itself!

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