Engagement Story – It’s A Stand Off

I hadn’t gotten a chance to participate in Mama M’s Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, so today I am forcing the kids to fend for themselves for 10 minutes so I can get this done.

Today’s theme is “The Engagement Story”

The Head Crayon and I knew we were going to get married for about 3 years. Knew it, did nothing about it. It wasn’t his fault, it was mine. I just wasn’t ready to tie myself down and then wait for something to happen. I was convinced something would go wrong and I needed no more strikes on my Life Score Card.

Something snapped in my head one day (I thought it was an aneurysm, seems that it what a deep thought feels like) and decided that I would tell him that if he was still up to it, I would marry him. I agonized over how to word it because we had long ago just quit talking about it. It took me two days of bathroom mirror rehearsals to figure out how to say “I want to marry you now” in a sincere yet flippant tone. (Do I say it with my hair down? The sultry eyes? The giddy excitement? Shoulders back in confidence? Shoulder up, chin tilted coyly?) I think I finally managed it in a drill Sargent tone with my hands on my hips. Defiance works for me.
He is the sentimental one of the bunch. Remember every special date, clings to momentos, etc. and the anniversary of our first date was coming up in just 2 days so I knew he was going to wait and do it then.
He is also a prankster.
The day came and we were sitting in my kitchen. I am a “Acts Of Service” love language type of gal, so I was whipping up a breakfast fit for a king. Well, I had not quite learned to cook yet, so I was burning sausage and contemplating cold cereal.
He casually said from behind me, “I have your ring”
I don’t do surprises. At all. I must have the bathroom rehearsals to look surprised and pleased. I think I just grumbled something and kept working. 
He said, “I have hidden it in this room somewhere, if you find it you can have it.”
I didn’t think playing a game with a diamond was the swellest idea so I just shrugged and poured some cereal and mailed the sausage to the local hockey team.
When he realized I wasn’t going to play along, he dropped it and nothing else was said that day or the next.
Secretly when he wasn’t around, I tore that kitchen/dining room combo up. I looked everywhere and then had everything back in place before he came around. I got to the point that I figured he must have taken it back and was waiting for me to ask again. 
Not going to happen buddy.
I got a phone call one morning and noticed that the phone wasn’t attached to the wall the way it should be. OMGoodness, he has hidden the ring in the phone. How do I get this sucker apart?
He wasn’t around so I decided to take a shower and roll my hair so I looked just perfect for the moment I found it in front of him. I also had some rehearsal to do on saying the word “Yes” I got the hair rolled and the suspense was killing me so I decided to run and have another try at that phone. I came out of the bathroom, curlers in, towel around me and he was standing right. there. waiting. I said something about it being in the phone and I couldn’t get it out (admit defeat..arrgh!) and he got it out and dropped to his knee.
Rehearsal time did not prepare me for accepting an engagement undressed and dripping wet. But I squeaked a “Yes” and nothing more was said. I offered to cook breakfast again, mainly so I could use my hands and stare at the prettiest ring I had ever seen in my life. I burned the sausage again.

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9 replies

  1. Ooohhh, that's so sweet!! I'm a rehearsal type of girl too, although it usually doesn't help:)I loved reading your story!!Did you get any snow? We're snowed in…again. I was gonna text you last night, but got side-tracked.Sincerely,Snowed in For-freakin-ever!

  2. Ha ha, love this story! You two sound like you make quite the pair!

  3. LOL!!! That is a great story…so, it really WAS in the phone?!!Clever…and cute…and very well told (of course!)–I can totally picture you in that mirror, pouty, sultry, drill sargeant…

  4. LOL – totally great story! I love that he was able to surprise you. :)I love the 5 Love Languages reference – we got that book from two different couples as a wedding gift, and it seroiusly changed our marriage. I LOVE Quality Time (#2 is physical touch) and he LOVES Words of Affirmation (#2 is acts of service. Once we figured out why the other was always frustrated since we were on the opposite ends of the spectrum, we were good!

  5. Great story! I'm glad you guys made it work!I can't cook in the morning either. Toast is my limit. 🙂

  6. I am so like you that I do not like surprises! I am the worst gift getter and need to rehearse everything. I knew when my all my “showers” were going to be and was properly dressed and had a very planned out expression! Ha!Love the story! And I love the game of finding the ring!! I am going to do that with the kids bday presents! Ha!!

  7. That's a sweet, creative way to propose! Funny it ended up being a more-than-day-long proposal! : )

  8. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing…

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