Crashing Blissdom

I got the most incredible opportunity to meet with some of the Blissdom folks tonight.

Blissdom, you say? Is that some kind of new age fangled thing?

Nope…it’s a conference for bloggers by bloggers. I didn’t have tickets to go because with The Scribblers and The Grays needing my attention…well, you know how that goes. But then my phone croaked. Yes, croaked now known as Official BlogFrog ring tone…anyways, I digress…

Holly with The BlogFrog team invited me to come to dinner. As I pushed away from my own dinner table and rubbed my full gut, I thought..well, I guess I could eat again. I would hate to miss the opportunity to meet all these fantastic bloggers on the account of post-dinner belly swelling. The only problem was by the time I got the message I had just one hour to get ready (already in pjs with wet hair) and drive to OpryLand.

It was a scary whirlwind of action as I ran to the closet and began trying on something other than the Medela nursing tanks and yoga pants I have been living in postpartum. I turned on the blow dryer, had The Scribblers handing me make-up like nurses in an operating room and began the “my pants are too tight to get over my hips bouncy” dance.

Finally ready, I got the tweet telling me to meet her in the lobby. Here is a picture of the lobby…have you ever really had the urge to do Chopsticks or pull out your own version of “Great Balls Of Fire”…yeah, me too.

Anyways, I restrained myself much to the relief of the other patrons and began looking for Holly (who I have never met in person. All I knew was she was a blond lady.) I ended up asking this woman if she knew what Blissdom was and if she knew Holly…

Um yeah…that lady with the cut off face was not Holly and she knew what Blissdom was…she was the Great Alli Worthington and Blissdom…yeah, it’s her conference *starstruck swoon*

So Holly sends me a message that she is sending Rustin to come get me. Uh…hello Rustin…you mean like, The Rustin from The BlogFrog. HolySchmoly!!!

So Rustin shows up and Oh My Goodness…he recognizes me…ME!!! (Squeal!!) So we start walking the 25 miles across the hotel to the restaurant and…OH MY SHOES!! Apparently while I was pregnant my feet expanded another size because firey burning blisters popping up in mile two of our jaunt.

And then there they were…my bloggy heros!!!

Pardon the blur of the picture but that is what happens when you are so nervous you can’t contain yourself. Those people would be Holly, Rustin, SaraCrowe (we are now like “this”) geekmommy, typeamom and morethanmommy…hello big fish in my tadpole pond.

We chatted, laughed and discussed bacon…a lot. Then sadly it was my time to go…the pumpkin was going to change and all…and I left.

Did I mention I paid my bill?

Yup, I had forgotten that part and had to run (aching blisters) back to the table to get my tab paid. Nothing like meeting some of your heroes for the first time and stiffing them with the bill…

So now I am back at home and have my glass slippers off, miserable from two dinners in one night and thrilled with all my new friends. The night meant so much to me that I think I am going to take some skin off one of these blisters and put it in the scrapbook….or not….

If you big fish are reading this, thank you so much for a wonderful night and for your warm welcome to the bloggy world!! Let’s do lunch…and I promise I will pay!!!

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13 replies

  1. Please, dear bestest Wrangler of mine…don't forget me when you are a big fish and I'm just a little tadpole! 'Kay?So envious of your night! Looks like a great group of people there!(But, most of all? I'd want to meet YOU!!!)

  2. You're a big fish, lady. Just keep swimming.:) So yeah. I came to this bog old hotel, from Maryland, with every electronic charger and power thingy known to man- and no socks. Not. A. One. Niiice.:)

  3. That's great you were able to go to dinner with them! How Fun!!I had no idea you were in the same neck of the woods as I am. Before we moved (now just west of nash) we lived about 3 miles from Opryland. I miss the Mills so much:)

  4. Sounds like a fab night 🙂

  5. I know, I know! I stopped by on Twitter last night, and there YOU were at a Blissdom get together! Gee, now I can say I knew you when! He he he! Oh, and didn't I see a twit pic with a multi purpose tool in your purse???Oh, and could you be any funnier…”The Scribblers handing me make-up like nurses in an operating room and began the “my pants are too tight to get over my hips bouncy” dance.” I can actually picture this!Seriously, I'm so glad you got to have a nice night out. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. You deserve it!

  6. Wow, that's pretty stinkin' awesome!!! Wish I could live that close and meet all those whales of the blogging world!!

  7. Looks like you had a great time!!

  8. So jealous! Wish I could go. Have a great time.

  9. That is so cool! I wish I was there. I'm planning on attending my first blog conference in October. I can't wait!

  10. You are GORGEOUS! I am So so so glad you got this amazing oppurtunity! Really, I am. I know how much all this means to you!<3

  11. You are so lucky to get that chance…I haven't been blogging long enough to justify going, but since I just live in Clarksville I've been trying to justify just dropping (crashing.. if you want to be truthful) to get the feel of the event and breathe the same air as those Big Fishes for a moment… I probably just stay home…too chicken…

  12. I'm with Mama M…don't forget about us little people 🙂 I am so jealous that you got the chance to meet all of them!! YAY!!~WM

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