I Never Knew That…

In the 30+ years I have wandered this earth, well not really wandered…I think I have been a homebody…not like Caine in Kung Fu or anything…

Anyways there are some things I never knew, but they* have informed me.

*they – the group of people who are swayed by rumors, unfounded observations and fairy tales. They feel it is their mission in life to provide people with information based on what they have discovered.

I never knew that…

  • tickling a baby can give them a stuttering problem. Just great! I’ve ruined my children from giving oral book reports or ever having a public speaking job.
  • if you don’t put cotton balls in your children’s ears when going outside on a windy day they could come down with a mysterious illness. They also must wear an over-sized hat pulled down to their eyeballs. I was more concerned that when they crossed the street with the cotton balls and vision impairing hats that they would never see or hear the ice cream truck bearing down on them.
  • Playing in the snow can make your child really sick. Well…I buy that one if they are prone to eating yellow snow, but I am highly doubtful that our friends to the North have overrun hospitals and clinics bursting at the seams trying to contain all those children who stood at the bus stop in 3 foot of snow.
  • If you make a bedspread or quilt, be sure and finish it or marriage will never come to you. Boy…somehow I missed the axe on that one in my teenage years. My children, however, are not looking like marriage material. Having three girls and three weddings to plan for though…I am not complaining.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck. I wonder how the umbrella testers inside a factory feel about this one as they have to quality check the opening mechanism in the umbrella. I think I will make sure that if my girls do marry that they don’t marry an umbrella quality control man.
  • Cows lifting their tails is a sign of rain coming. Well, I don’t know about the rain…but something is coming and you might want to stand back or at least have an umbrella. (Not inside the barn though)
  • A cricket in the house brings good luck. Well, that explains my luck because a cricket in my house usually brings a steel toed boot on its head.
  • Plucking out a gray hair will bring ten more in its place. OK…this one I believe, although Clariol is helping me keep it a secret.
  • It’s bad luck to walk under a ladder. Umm…no, it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder of a clumsy painter balancing two buckets of paint. Ask my husband.

So what types of things did you never know?

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8 replies

  1. Hey, Nana surely agreed about cotton balls, but doctor didn't! Love all the flickr photos!!! So sweet.

  2. My MIL seems to think that going out in the cold makes kids sick too! Where does that come from?I really like your umbrella opening one. What's a umbrella factory worker to do???

  3. I love flip flops…I am in them so much my family makes fun of me. I wear flip flops from April – October. I would love to live in a state that would let me wear flip flops year round. Having said that…my grandmother told me once (with the most serious face) that I will get very sick if I wear flip flops out side of the house on a cold day. Hmmm ok I guess all those times I did that exact thing and did not get sick was just a fluke then. LOL

  4. A friend of mine had a neighbor that had a dog that kept running around killing some guy's chickens. Apparently, if you kill a chicken and tie it's foot around the dogs neck, he won't want to kill chickens anymore. This dog went around for WEEKS with a chicken foot tied to his neck. ::facepalm::

  5. Here's one you missed … If you look at a baby upside down, you will make them cross-eyed. A friend (no longer) told me that probably 20 years ago. Funny what people will believe!

  6. Haha! I love this! All those wives tales. How about breaking a mirror? Or spilling salt? Unfortunately, I, like you, believe whole heartedly in the gray hair one. Yes. It's true.LOL.Following from Blog Frog.

  7. Love this! Now you got me wracking my brain to come up with more!

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