Ten Happy Makers

Mom Of The Perpetually Grounded has tagged me in a Monday meme about ten things that make me happy. So this will be my second post on a Monday.

  1. Doing that once a month pantry cleaning and finding a stray peanut M&M that must have fallen from the bag. Oh..come on, don’t roll your eyes…you’d pop that sucker in your mouth too. Especially when you never get a decent meal for trying to feed all the kids before yourself.
  2. Emptying the dryer and finding 16 socks. Yup, do your math…that means you actually have a complete 8 pairs of socks. Guess the dryer monster wasn’t hungry for sock snackages that day.
  3. Finding 3 bottles of BBQ sauce open in the fridge at one time. It means that we have more than enough food to eat!
  4. Coming up on the two year old Scribbler trying to share her sippy cup with her 1 month old little sister. Pat yerself on the back ole’ gal…you are raisin’ them Scribblers up proper-like.
  5. When The Head Crayon suggests we order out. Doesn’t matter than I let out the “sigh heard run the world” when I was looking in the fridge for food and found someone’s Pull-Up…just the fact that he offered to do dinner is good enough for me.
  6. Receiving and keeping a houseplant alive for more than 2 weeks. If I can keep that sucker thriving, that is my contribution to being green and helping the enviroment.
  7. The Slap Chop…anything that helps me do dinner, improve my karate chop (hiiiii-ya) and get my aggression out is a darn good product.
  8. Clean sheets from the dryer. For just one night or more like one hour, I am insured against sleeping in cracker crumbs, spilled milk and somebody’s prize empty toilet paper roller.
  9. My Ficus tree that is almost totally bare of leaves. Seem strange? Well, it happened the day my late talking 4 year old discovered the meaning and how to say “harvest” and “gardening” I am proud of her and my barren tree.
  10. Toys that have an optional battery compartment. It’s nice to have the choice on whether or not I want to replace the batteries of the “Laugh & Learn” puppy rather than hear one more rendition of the helium-induced voice singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider one. more. time.

If you are reading this meme it means I have nominated you for participating. Get to it, can’t wait to see what makes you happy!! (My name better be in there somewhere!)

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6 replies

  1. That is funny! And your not me is funny too. I would NEVER yell at my kids! Especially when we are trying to have fun!!

  2. A Pull-up in the fridge?!! At least you can use Bitsy as an excuse for something like that!Next thing? I'll hear that you showered with your clothes on…

  3. House plants can last 2 weeks??? I thought 2 days was their life cycle- oops!I too love love love when my kids share without being prompted!Ordering in is the bestest!!Your post made me happy!

  4. I would totally eat that peanut m&m…I would also eat a stray chocolate chip 🙂 You make me laugh.Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Made my day!Sorry that was me that posted and then deleted…I wasn't signed into my public blog – oops

  5. That is a great happy list! Esp the socks! I swear I never get a load with all the matches when I take them out of the dryer

  6. Wow, that was fast & Awesome! I like the peanut M&M's best when I find them under the bed. #5 is one of my favorite things and I have to say the pull-up in the fridge is going down as one of the all time best!

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