Going White With The Grays

This post is brought to you by my shiny new laptop that I won in a lucky hand of cards. OK…so I didn’t really “win” it as I was playing against The Head Crayon (and he probably let me win) and we were using “extra” money..so I guess this whole paragraph is pointless in nature…except, ME LIKEY MY NEW LAPTOP!

So onto the original post…you still hanging with me?


OK, so we actually got some snow.

Um yeah…that weird measurement written there is courtesy of The Head Crayon and one of his construction projects, but it is safe to say that we got about 3.5 inches with another 1 inch of ice on top.

So The Grays pretty much live with us all the time, but they do go to their own house on occasion as they are still getting it packed up and ready to move (read: when the kids finally get on their nerves) As the storm (Winter Event) got closer they decided to hunker down with us. Normally, The Head Crayon, The Scribblers, The Grays or I have somewhere we need to go within a 24 hour period. Thanks to the weather we have been breathing each others fumes for almost 48 hours. Well, I did escape briefly yesterday before the ice fell by pouring a gallon of milk down the sink and proclaiming it empty thus resulting in an emergency milk (Starbucks) run.

Perhaps I should feel guilty for being on the gray side of a white lie, but seriously…have you ever been coped up with 3 other adults, 3 small children and one dog in a 1300 square foot house?

Admit it…you would have dumped the milk too.

And probably emptied the toilet paper within an hour of being back home.

(Have I mentioned that I am loving this new laptop…so shiny…all the keys work…drool…but not on the keys. No drooling on my new keys!)

So it’s been a white-out coupled with The Grays and I think I am getting some new gray myself. There is nothing like knowing you can’t get out to bring out the best (hardy har har..NOT!) in people. The female Gray is obsessed with The Weather Channel. There is a 24 hour commentary on what the temp, precip, etc. droning on and on and on in the background. (Ask her what the temp is and she never knows though…odd) The male Gray has been coloring with The Scribblers and looking pretty worn down after a 19 hour coloring marathon taking breaks for coffee and catnaps (and to check out The Weather Channel)

The Head Crayon and I played some cards this morning (see first paragraph) when we finally decided to venture out to “check the roads” We ended up at the Electronics department (I think it was the lure of “doing donuts” in the parking lot that actually got him out) and picked up my shiny new prize. (Have I mentioned that I lurve it?) Like a woman with a new hairdo, he had to accessorize it. (Read: $100 speakers) I wanted the mouse pad with the puppies on it, but he showed me his Man Card and I was denied.

So I am back at home once again breathing everyone’s fumes and they are predicting that we will not be properly thawed until late Monday (Read: 48 more hours of shared fume-ages) I see another milk shortage in about 4 hours.

By the way…tomorrow I will be posting details for Feb. giveaway on the giveaway tab (giveaway crayon…whatevah…it’s up above all this writing) so come back tomorrow and check out the details and the prize! Get your thinking hats on and be ready!

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7 replies

  1. wahoo for a new laptop!!!! stay sane 😛

  2. Congrats on the new laptop and speakers. Yes, I most certainly would have dumped out the, ahem, spoiled milk. Don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind when my parents come to visit and it's only for a weekend.Happy shoveling.

  3. Funny doesn't even BEGIN to describe this post!!! You seriously have a talent for humor. Pouring the milk down the sink…simply genius! Congrats on the new laptop! No drooling…stop it, no drooling 😛

  4. Oh, and can't wait to hear about the giveaway!!!

  5. Laptops are a multitasking mom's best friend!! Way to go on the score!Jealous of your thaw by Monday. I'm not hopeful for a thaw for at least another 3 months…at least.:( Think you could handle another family living with you?

  6. Ohh, new laptop!! Coolness!

  7. YAY for a new laptop…I want a new laptop too!!! I'm jealous! ~WM

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