A Snowflake Is Coming…A Snowflake Is Coming…

Much like Paul Revere’s ride through the town hollering, “The British Are Coming…The British Are Coming” we now have all the major networks beginning to scream “A Snowflake Is Coming…A Snowflake Is Coming”

As is the tradition here in The South, a mere snowflake has hoards of people standing in front of the milk coolers, the bread aisle and the gigantic pyramid of bulk toilet paper at the store clamoring in a scene more appropriate for closing bell at the Stock Market.

Heaven forbid you be the poor soul that grabs the last 48 rolls of super plush triple rolls. You’d best have on your best hockey gear to prepare you for the beating from the canes and the “accidental” shin ramming of the metal carts.

Children begin to beg for you to turn off that high pitched voice of the squishy sponge-dude and turn to the local news. They suffer through sports scores, traffic reports and that one interview of the guy wearing the John Deere hat who is suing the city because his outhouse sludge is covering the front yard; all for a glimpse of the cartoon friendly penguin letting them know if their school has been called out. ( I am frankly surprised that anyone in these here parts knows what a penguin is and thinks them to be trustworthy! Which comes to a question that I asked of my favorite high North neighbor…do you have to thaw a fresh penguin before cooking? Aren’t they perpetually frozen? Not that I am cooking penguins or anything, it’s just one of the things that plagues my mind!)

So we are now on “Winter Storm Watch” and anticipating a “Snow Event” (wonder if there will be tailgating for this? Better get the stadium chairs and the 55 gallon drum of chili ready just in case) My husband braved our WalMart last night…

…and brought us home the last 2 gallons of milk, a case of Chicken Noodle soup and a John Wayne movie. I think we are good to survive the impending blizzard now. (They were out of toilet paper, but since we are trying to move, we have plenty of packing materials for just such an emergency…although I am doubting the effectiveness of bubble wrap, it should be a fun experience for the kids)

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13 replies

  1. I hear ya! I am in North Carolina and the grocery store has been empty for a week. I am totally okay with snow but in my area we are supposed to mainly get ice..and I am totally not okay with the power going out!

  2. My husband just left the Krogers store and it was a mad-house!! I told him this morning to go early and he said aww it'll be okay.LOL!! You'd think he just moved to Nashville or something:)Oh well, we have our milk and bread, we may run out of TP but we have milk!

  3. Good luck friend with the snow! Hang in there, I'm sure it will melt a day later :-)My laptop died and this is the first time I've had a chance to make it here. WOW! You have a new look! I love it! So cool. How exciting! I miss chatting with ya on Twitter. Hopefully I'll have my laptop back tonight???

  4. HAHAHA! Bubble wrap…. I wish that snowflake would threaten to push itself over to Alabama, I'm needing a day off to watch it not snow…

  5. Funny b/c while I guess I technically live in the south, it is the northern most state of that group so we get snow every single winter, without fail. But, people tend to act the same way here as you describe. As though a few inches of snow will have them stranded for weeks. Ridiculous. It's only been snowing here since, like always, so what's with the wild behavior? Oh and that bill you left me, for your upholstery…clearly falls into one of my many disclaimers. Probably under the category labeled “things I will deny”! Thanks for stopping by. You may come color my walls anytime:)

  6. I totally understand! I'm in NC, originally from AL, and I see that each winter. We are expecting a little ice tonite, early a.m., so I can only imagine what town will look like this afternoon. Thank you for the sweet blog comment!

  7. Okay, I can't really relate since I am peering out my window and see at least 15 inches of the white stuff and don't expect to see my grass for at least three more months but even those of us up in the north get the over anxious weather guy who suggests we head on out to the grocery store to stock up on necessities. That of course, involves a stop at the liquor store for people with kids. Enjoy the snow.

  8. lol this is so true… I live in the south and yes school will close before the first snowflake falls

  9. This is so funny! Our snow comes in December and stays until the end of March, minimum! We don't see the ground until at least April! That's the “fun” of living in Minne”snow”ta.Here from the Round-Up,Mimi

  10. Good thing one of my last posts this week is a chili recipe…perfect for tailgating!~WM

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