Mama Went To The Bathroom

Done to the tune of Devil Went Down To Georgia

A momma went to the bathroom, she was looking for a quiet place to steal,
She was in a bind to find some “Me” time then she slipped on a banana peel,
And she came across a toddler laughing, splashing and making banana soup in the pot.
Mama’s face turned bright red and she screamed, “Girl, let me tell you what.”

I guess you didn’t know but I need this bathroom too,
If you’d care to stop this cooking, I’ll make a deal with you.
Now you can be good as gold, but give this mama a quiet minute.
I promise when I come back out, I won’t mention the banana in it.

The girl said “My name is Belly and it might not be smart”
“But I’ll take your deal and leave you alone and trust the yellin’ won’t start”

Belly, you’d better leave the room and scurry on your way,
Cause Mama’s had a time and it’s been a real bad day.
Give your Mama a minute so she can clear her mind,
And hope that she forgets to paddle your behind….

Belly opened up the bathroom door and she began to run,
Laughter shot from her mouth as she knew what she had done.
As Mama sat on the side of the tub there came a horrible sound
And Belly knew her time was numbered because of what Mama just found.

When Mama came out, Belly said,
You promised me no swat
So sit in that rocker there
Cause I know that I’ve been caught

Banana in the toilet, stew fruit stew.
The carrots and your clothes are making a brew.
Shaving cream and lotiony soap
Take a breath, Mama…I know you can cope.

The Mama bowed her head because she knew that she’d been beat.
Her resolve to paddle disappeared when she heard that voice so sweet.
Belly said, “I love you momma and I tried so hard to be good,
I was cooking for you just like a good momma would”

And she said

Banana in the toilet, stew fruit stew.
The carrots and your clothes are making a brew.
Shaving cream drips from above.
I am trying to show you all my love…

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12 replies

  1. Oh dear, you have the best sense of humor! Love the lyrics, I could actually hear the tune as I read it!I love reading your blog. You make me remember to laugh when at times, I think we all want to cry!

  2. That was AWESOME!!!

  3. Remember me when you're famous, will ya?

  4. Haha! That was great!

  5. You're going places girl!! 😉

  6. I wish I had just an inkling up the talent you do..You rock!

  7. Sheesh…finally just getting around to leaving you a comment!You seriously are a "lyrical genius"!! Actually, not just lyrics, but ALL of your writing is genius!Once again…*jumps to feet, whistling loudly, clapping, jumping, shouting, screaming, giving the 'I love you' sign*Love ya!

  8. That was good stuff!! Thanks for posting:)

  9. If I keep repeating it, I think I might be able to remember your lyrics when the actual song comes on the radio…LOVE this!!!~WM

  10. That was great!!! You are so creative :o)

  11. Cop Mama- well said!Love it!

  12. haha! How you decided to make bananas in the potty a song, I will never know!

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