Lessons Learned Vol. 6 – The Third Child

Each child is a learning experience, this is what I have learned by the third daughter…

  1. The 1st daughter has a photograph documenting almost every waking moment of her life. The camera always had fresh batteries and was always kept so close that she thinks it is a lovey.
  2. The third daughter: camera never has batteries and I have to be reminded that I have yet to take a picture of her by friends and family.
  3. The 1st daughter had a baby book filled to precision by her 1st month in this life. Every ultrasound picture, card and detail.
  4. The third daughter’s ultrasound picture was used as a coaster and has cards stuck in daughter #1’s baby book.
  5. The first daughter had her diaper changed at least twice an hour.
  6. The third daughter ‘s diaper is caught right before it soaks through the clothes. Diapers are expensive.
  7. The first daughter was woken promptly every two hours to eat per the recommended feeding schedule.
  8. The third daughter is let sleep for 4 – 5 hours because Mommy needs her sleep too. If she is indeed hungry, she will let you know.
  9. The first daughter has an outfit for every hour of the day and one that signifies all holidays.
  10. The third daughter is in the 1st daughter’s clothes and Mommy has to make a run to WallyWorld on her 4th week of life to purchase socks that were somehow looked over.
  11. The first daughter received every eye candy rattle known to man to encourage interaction and development.
  12. The third daughter gets a empty toilet paper roll with some beans inside.
  13. The first daughter is loved more than life itself and is deemed the bees knees. No child could be more loved or wanted.
  14. The third daughter is loved more than life itself and is deemed the bees knees. No child could be more loved or wanted.

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9 replies

  1. I haven't made it to #3 yet, but I can only imagine that the youngest is able to get away with murder b/c mom is just too tired by that point!~WM

  2. my mom had four girls and finally a boy and let's just say that, I being the oldest have an awesome babybook! Everyone else not so much. My little brother's actaully pretty good because by then I was old enough to fill in some stuff for my mom. My 4th sister's book is almost completely empty. 🙂

  3. So true. Now if you would only tell me what happens with number four? I really would love to know.

  4. So true! When my son was born I almost never left his side, even when he was sleeping. The hospital staff had me so scared about SIDS that I would just sit & watch him sleep just in case something happened. By my 3rd, if she was asleep so was I. I have probably hundreds of pictures of my 1st. Not so much of my 3rd. Kinda funny how it works like that.

  5. Aw! Too bad I'm so relaxed with this, my first. Feel sorry for those who will come later!

  6. Goosebumps!And, oh so true!My poor young babies…I think the trade off is they get more “quality” time with us when the big kids are off to school.At least that's what I tell myself…

  7. Sad but so true!! I only have two and feel like I am a total let down of a mom with the 2nd! But your last comments were right on! Did you ever imagine after your first that you could ever love someone else that much? Umm yea you can!!

  8. So so true! Although I'm still a good picture taker … even with the 3rd. He's not as good being the subject though. Especially since #1 and #2 are at school all day and he's my main subject. :)Oh and I love each of them so much, my heart could just burst sometimes. Amazing how God can fill your heart with so much love to give.

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