Happy UnBirthday

Today we celebrated an UnBirthday, because everyday should be a celebration of your child’s life. We had UnBirthday cake, blew out UnBirthday candles and sang the UnBirthday song.

The following are pictures, plus some Bitsy pics for those needing a fix…

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  1. What a cool idea! ♪♫Happy Un-Birthday!♪♫

  2. The cutest!! What a fun mama!

  3. Happy Un-birthday! We celebrate un-birthdays of siblings on the day of the child's birthday 🙂

  4. These pics are super cute! I think the first one is my fav.. but a close second is the one with her licking the spatula! ;)Glad you four had a blast today at your un-birthday party! Thanks for posting some pics

  5. You're such a cool Mama and I love these pictures, those girls are cuuuute!!

  6. Thank goodness another is on the way 'cause Bitsy is making me want a baby NOW! You girls are such sweeties and you are one heck of a mama!

  7. Oh, she is just a love…well, they all are, but babies just do me in!Once again…I wish you were my mom.

  8. so cute!!! makes me wanna bake a cake and have an unbirthday too!!! great pix

  9. that is a great reason for a cake. i'm off to the store.

  10. I am stealing your and the Mad Hatter's “Unbirthday party” idea for my playgroup! I think it would make a fabulous playdate! A very, merry unbirthday to you!

  11. Oh, look at those precious babes! I especially like the black and whites…bitsy on her big sis's chest is way cute!

  12. Happy UnBirthday!!! Bitsy is getting so big already…didn't you just have her yesterday? It's amazing how fast they grow!

  13. Love the cute shots. All are sbsolutely very beauriful and it shows the memmorable moments. Keep blogging and thanks for sharing.Regards,image coloring

  14. Belated Happy Un-birthday. Beautiful momernts captured. Loved those moments and pics. Thanks.

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