Not a Bad Day At All

So I am on NO sleep. This is not good for me. It’s not good for The Scribblers. The Man is unaffected as he has learned the blacker and deeper the trunks (we surpassed bags about a week ago) under my eyes are, the further he keeps his distance. The Grays (this is the new name for our elderly new crayons in the box) don’t seem to notice my lack of sleep as they can’t seem to stay awake themselves. The Grays can fall asleep watching The Weather Channel in 2.6 seconds flat….what am I saying?!? I could fall asleep in .07 seconds watching The Weather Channel…

Anywho…it was a really long day today. Not really a “bad day” (since I refuse to acknowledge any day as “bad” but rather just a toned down happy day with a lot of learning opportunities) It started with taking Bitsy in for her 2 week well baby check (one week late…go MOM!) we also needed to check her breathing as it has been “odd”. We did a blood oximetry test (93 range) and tested for RSV (negative) and got a positive ruling of the Thrush. Fantabulistic. We got a nice Rx for a mouthwash (yeah…cause babies are so good at gargling, rinsing and spitting…well, she has the spitting part down pat. Good thing we got 4 refills!) The good news is she is up to 7lbs and 12 ounces. We are making the move up to newborn clothes (still a little big…but she got so many cute things!!)

Next in line was Belly. Because of her weight (Holy chubbster!) we decided to rule out any thyroid or “other” reasons that she might be as big as she is. I personally think we have her father to thank for it…but better safe than sorry. I think that weight will come into use come prom and marriage time. She can get any man she can carry…I mean…that she wants. In order to do these tests they needed to draw blood. That’s more fun than petting a cat that is on fire with a rat trap on its tail filled with firecrackers. I begged, pleaded and almost bribed my sister to come with me and help. I didn’t tell her about the last incident in which we found out that needles cause Belly to bite…So she came and got to be part of the Blood Retrieval Tackle Team. The saddest part was that Belly had to fast. There is nothing like a hungry, tired two year old having to give up some blood.

Next up was cleaning two rental units. We have gotten slammed this past week with rental units needing to be cleaned. 10 units in 2 weeks plus one fire cleanup and one flood cleanup. My legs are still a little sore from the 15 tons of antiques we moved a few days ago, so this was not pleasant…not one little bit….not that I am complaining. At least I have it easier than The Man who still works a full time job in addition to our cleaning gig…I ONLY have to care for three kids, house, dog, The Grays and Mt. Laundry.

In all fairness I must tell you that The Man did cook dinner (frozen pizza but it counts when he spruces it up) and sent me at least 4 random texts telling me “I love you”…then…oh…THEN, he told me what a wonderful woman, wife and mother I am…

SEE…told you it wasn’t a bad day!

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11 replies

  1. Sounds like a great guy! Any man that is willing to cook frozen or not, is a prince in my book.

  2. Sounds like a lot to deal with on no sleep, but what a nice treat to have hubs remind you of the little things that matter most.

  3. "Learning opportunities"…I love it. New follower from MBC, love your blog. :^)

  4. So many things and still had time to blog; you're a hero! Hope you were able to get some shuteye already 🙂

  5. Oh dear, you are funny no matter what life throws at you! My favorite line, "Blood Retrieval Tackle Team." Well, at least it's the weekend, right??? 🙂

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really love your design, & can't wait to read some more!

  7. Oh Hubby knows just what he has to do to make your day :o) Love when they get it right LOL!! You need to get some sleep ASAP!!! You have too much on your plate with a newborn baby. I sure hope you got some sleep last night girly :o)

  8. Stopping by to say hello! I saw you from BLOG FROG.I hope you will come visit my blog too! I'd love to have you!

  9. I hope all Belly's test come back good. The blessings of good health can never be taken for granted. 🙂

  10. as a former thrush survivor, if you don't think the baby is getting better (or your breasts either for that matter!) ask your doc about Diflucan. 90% of yeast is resistant to Nystatin now.

  11. Love your blog and your writing style. Sounds like a horrible day… love how you were able to see the good in it and see the humor. Your husband sounds like a great guy.Blessings, Kari

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