Kickin Old School To The Curb

We are kind of old school around here when it comes to “stuff.” We are more Flintstones than Jetsons, for sure. It’s not that we dislike fancy, shiny new gidget-gadgets, its just that we have this quirk…Don’t buy something unless you have to have it.

Our personal computer…it’s one step up from the old black screen with green lettering computer.

Never made the move to the IPod. We still are enjoying John Denver and Captain and Tennille on the 8 track.

Our TV? 16 years old and still going strong…well, don’t turn it off…EVER…because the power button long ago quit working and we don’t have one of those fancy-schamcy remotes.

DVR? Sounds like one of those STDs (If I can’t figure out how to record on my VCR or program the clock on my microwave…umm..yeah)

Yesterday I had to go shopping and get some basics. I decided to spend a little extra (our bank account sighed heavily with dread) and kick some of our old school ways to the curb.

First item to purchase…an umbrella. Gone are the days of telling The Scribblers to “suck it up, run like the dickens…what? you think you are so sweet you are going to melt?!? A little rain never hurt anyone…” I purchased a brand new shiny umbrella. (I did leave it in the plastic wrap as I walked to the van in the rain…head slap) I got home and showed it off to The Scribblers. It’s every color of the rainbow and opens up to half the size of the living room. Seriously, I could keep half the county dry with this sucker. Oh…Oh…Oh…wait…it also has a cool push button that springs it open. One push and “whoooosh” a giant domed rainbow is there to guard you from that horrible wet stuff falling from the sky. Genius!

Second item to purchase….a thermometer. Wave goodbye to the old fashioned hand slap to the forehead to judge personal body temperature; we have a temporal scanner now. I got that fella out of the packaging (this did require the use of the biggest pair of scissors I own and about 15 minutes of my time…what’s the deal packaging folks? You made my temprature rise 3 degrees just trying to release the product from its confines!) I popped the battery in and gave it a try…If I owned a Star Trek uniform I would’ve put it on. Seriously! The Man and I ran around in childish glee scanning everything that moved. “Beep Beep Zaaaap” 98.5 “Beep Beep Zaaaap” 98.9 “Beep Beep Zaaap” 72.6… yeah…the walls don’t have a temperature. We were calling out the number readings like two 90 year olds at a Bingo game.

So we have made a few steps and kicked a little old school to the curb. I don’t see me getting a DVR anytime soon because I don’t like taking antibiotics, but baby steps….baby steps.
Perhaps we will even get one of those hoity-toity ice maker machines next. We are feeling all crazy…

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  1. LMAO! You crack me up! I do love my temporal thermometer! Super easy and alot less wrestling moves to get a temp! I however dont own an umbrella. Not because I am more flinstone but because I am lazy.. to much work to open the umbrella keep everyone carefully under the umbrella, find a place to put the umbrella once we get inside.. yada yada yada.. You my friend are Uber mom and wont have near the laziness issues I have… so enjoy that beuty ;)Have a great day

  2. Following you from MBC, 50 Followers Group.Melissa

  3. DVR = STD = hahahahaha!We don't have that disease either. And ever since my old mercury filled thermometer broke, I have been too stubborn to go buy some fancy-schmancy one. But you are tempting me with the one you bought…

  4. Because you don't like taking antibiotics!!! Ha!!Yeah…the temporal thermometers totally rock!We're still of the "stick it under the arm" varity…but, hey! At least that's one step up from "stick it where the sun don't shine"!!

  5. I'm actually surprised that you haven't gotten a thermometer until now – especially with the scribblers running around! Even if you didn't buy it yourself…no one got it for you at a baby shower??~WM

  6. Haha great post!! Glad you are stepping up in the world! Umbrella's are good! As are thermometers! We are do for a new one and will have to look into a scanning one because that just seems like a lot more fun that chasing the kids to stick something in their ear!As for the DVR – go for it!! Best evah! Antibiotics and all!

  7. LMAO!! Goodness, how I love your blog!

  8. Ha ha ha…too funny! I can just picture you and DH running around trying out the thermometer on everything. Do you have pets??? Gee, I hope not! 🙂

  9. Love it! You are too stinkin funny!

  10. You had me laughing so hard reading this…..DVR-STD LMBO!!! I have to say that I do LOVE my DVR and I don't know how we ever lived without the two we have :o)

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