Growing Up To Be Me

I got some awesome suggestions from some of you the other day when I asked about blog topics. The one I am doing today was given to me by CopMama. I simply adore this lady( and not because she carries a firearm and probably knows how to hip toss me and zip tie my hands in 6 seconds flat) she is so sweet and funny, you really got to check her out.

She wanted to hear more about me growing up. Frankly the thought of this post is a little unsettling because I don’t really like to talk about me much. I find talking about my children and their antics a lot more fun than little ole me. The topic was brought up because we obviously share a love of firearms, holsters and the ability of SWAT teams to bust up in someone’s house.

The two defining moments of growing up to be me where spent in the hallways of church and in the back of a patrol car.

Back of a patrol car….Wha??? you say…

My dad was a Texas Highway Patrolman and BOY…was he cool. And tough. And he reeked Texan. I was so incredibly proud of him and so incredibly mortified to ride in the patrol car.

I don’t want to ride in the back. Someone might see me and think I did something wrong…

Yeah, because the THP regularly arrests small children.

Well…that and the siren and lights are in the front of the car…and the cool scanner….

Then one day my dad got a call. It didn’t come over the scanner. He got a calling to leave the THP and join a bigger force. Both he and my mom (my mom and him…him and her….whatever) decided to go to Seminary. There were quite a few jobs that he did between the two and since, but nothing made his back straighter than serving The Lord. They went on mission trips to other countries and sometimes…my sister and I got to go along. My favorite trip was to Belize. I was able to see actual people that lived in tiny little huts and to see their eyes shine with “Faith” even though I had no idea what they were saying. We brought them the Fruit of the Spirit and they served us rat and rice for dinner. Listerine doesn’t get rat out of the mouth and there is no amount of mental scrubbing either…

As a teenager…a very defiant teenager…there was almost no hope for getting away with anything (although I sure didn’t know that then) what having the eyes of The Law didn’t teach them about deliquency…the eyes of The Lord sure did.

33 years have passed and dad is now hitting balls on the green enjoying a well deserved retirement…mom is leading Women’s Ministry work and me….I love The Lord and I love me some firearms…with scopes and lights.

Bibles and Bullets.

That’s how I grew up to be me.

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12 replies

  1. I think is a great topic! Getting to know everyone a little bit more!! My dad was an officer too. Made for some scary date pick ups!

  2. What a GREAT post!! Bibles and Bullets…nice touch :)~WM

  3. What a great story! I like how you said your dad was cool, tough, and “reeked” Texan. I bet he has quite an accent, huh? Oh wait, you probably do too :-)Thanks for sharing what it was like to grow up a cop/pastor's kid. What a combination! I think a lot of us cops have to have a faith to do what we do. You have to know there's a God in control, no matter what.I'm glad your dad can now enjoy his retirement. Ok, now I wanna hear about how he did background checks on all your dates and sat outside their houses in an unmarked car…am I right??? 😉

  4. Wow, who knew? Bibles and bullets, probably a good way to grow up!

  5. Bibles and Bullets! I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing . . . your blog is quickly becoming a highlight of my day!

  6. I'd say you are very well-rounded!

  7. I love it…Bibles and Bullets :o) It was so much fun getting to know a little bit about YOU! Thanks for sharing with us :o)

  8. …And that's all I have to say about THAT.Oh wait.*hmph*

  9. bibles and bullets sounds like the name of a movie or a book! or, at the very least, a blog….very interesting! thanks for sharing!

  10. What an interesting story? Where else did you guys find yourselves living? :)(Followed you through Simply 50)

  11. That is GREAT! I love that you love guns. I wasn't around them until my husband came on the scene. And well, now it's do you prefer the semi-auto or the revolver. :)What an awesome story. I can't even imagine eating rat. Wow. I'm rather speechless at that one. But almost envious of the awesome ministries you got to be a part of. Actually there's no almost there. :)Thanks for sharing!

  12. That's a great story and sounds like a great way of being brought up.I came over from MBC! I am now following you.Heather

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