Tone It Down

Thanks to the world of blogs, forums, FaceBook, texts and all ways of connecting and communicating through the written world; we are seeing a world wide epidemic of chips on the shoulder and hearts on the sleeves.

Without the use of facial expressions, voice inflection or hand gestures; we have become a society that is just “misunderstood” Constantly having to go back and reword what we say, add italics for importance, add in the πŸ˜‰ symbol so sarcasm is caught and throw in a good “LOL” for good measure.

I can’t tell you how many forums that I have been a member of that have turned into a good virtual bar room type brawl all because someone’s “tone” wasn’t caught. This typically leads to forum members coming out of the woodwork to either support or oppose the original poster. The almost humorous thing about it is it seems to take a minimum of 45 people and no less than 600 posts all saying the exact same thing to finally come up with the phrase “We will just agree to disagree” Then there is always one or two posters who go all “random” about the subject and try to split it into a different direction. Sometimes (and these are my favorite) you have that one person that in the middle of the controversy types out “I like coffee” Sometimes the coffee diversion is successful turning the fight into fun…but then there is always that person who feels slighted because their bowels have an aversion to coffee.

The “Golden Rule” has never been translated into a HTML code preventing the typing of hurtful words, so let’s just work on “toning it down” Make sure when you type and are expressing your opinion that you refrain from a “offensive” tone. If your intention behind your post seems to be unclear…that “Enter” button…yeah, that’s optional. Backspace button…use it and revise. Power button on your computer…might be necessary.

Wondering about the serious nature of this blog post? Yes, it is still me, “The Wrangler” I sent out a tweet this morning about having trouble with material today (my muses went to coffee) and asked for some ideas. This first idea was brought to you by my “Womb Mate”, my adorable (and misunderstood) twin sister.

There were 2 other suggestions.

#1 I want you to go visit my best friend and laughter buddy over at “Outnumbered by Testosterone“. She only has 11 followers, let’s build her up some. She is an incredibly funny mom of 2 boys under the age of 4, she’s a military wife (Thank you for your family’s service and sacrifice) She’s witty and edgy. She also has GREAT taste in friends.

#2 Let me tell you about my HAWT friend Kate. She is a “newer” friend (just breaking her in) but I feel as though I have known her a lifetime. She’s a funny mom as well and…AND…she bakes. I can count on her to get my jokes and come back with something that challenges my bladder control.

So those are my topics today…do you have anything you would like me to write about? Perhaps something funny? Something edgy? Something that requires a lot of πŸ˜‰ and LOL? Let me know…I love taking suggestions on blog material and the challenge of writing about something that my readers WANT to read.

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  1. I know what you mean I have stopped going into some forums because of this. especially … i hate to say it… some military wife forums. if your husband isnt a certain rank they cant talk to u and they get rude fast. kinda sad. i'll check out both sites thanks!

  2. I want you to blog about…crap. I got nuthin'. DUDE! Blog about Bitsy…we've got nuthin' since her arrival. And pictures. Pictures are always good. And, well…I got nuthin'. Still having trouble picking up that sonic cup…Maybe there is a nap in my near furture. Doubt it.<3 you. Thanks for pimping me out. How much is this gonna cost me? 60%o of my annual earnings off the WWW ave?I've always had a weakness for women in powerful positions πŸ˜›

  3. I'm not sure I like your tone. That really hurt my feelings. Lol ;0) You are so right. It's actually quite comical to see just how serious some of these women take the online world. The bar room brawl was a perfect description! Doing as I'm told & checking out the new friends. Since you were so pushy & all, gah…=0)

  4. I think you are pretty darn funny with whatever topic you choose πŸ™‚ But I love hearing about your children's antics the best πŸ™‚ Makes me feel a lot less alone!

  5. I used to be in a Yahoo mommy group and I quit because I got so tired of the fights on there. It always seemed to be the same people that were fighting and it got old fast!! I love my little bloggy world, if I don't like something someone writes…I just click on the X in the corner and close the screen :o)

  6. Are you kidding me? Drama on a message board? I've NEVER seen that. I've NEVER left a board because of drama or barroom brawls oritalics. And I've never seen a select group of women pick on a particular woman with what they assume is "secret code" between them that no one else could ever get. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ But in answer to your question…. it doesn't matter. Just keep writing.

  7. I told my husband about the Sharpei situation.He's laughing. We'll see how he feels in a few months…

  8. I'm always amused here, so write on sista! About anything. Oh, and I am already following Amanda. I found her through Mama M's 5QF and thought she was hilarious…still do.

  9. Nothing to write about??? Here's some suggestions:1. Bitsy2. Being a cop's kid.3. Being a pastor's kid.There's gotta be some good stories there. You have a perspective that a lot of people don't. I'd love to hear some of them!

  10. I'm with you on that! Sometimes people get the wrong idea and it is so hard to explain "what I meant to say" – even in person it happens!~WM

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