Interpretation is subject to interpretation

Mommy says: Quit opening the fridge door and put the coke can back.

Child interprets: There was only a slight edge in her voice and her hands are full with the baby…I can probably open it 6 more times and drink that can of coke before she can actually get to me.

Mommy says: Please stop kicking your sister.

Child interprets: Get one final doozy of a kick in before I call it quits…let’s see if I can actually knock her off the couch with this last one.

Mommy says: Eat every single green bean on your plate or you are not getting any cookies.

Child interprets: She sounded almost serious, but she has folded before and only made me eat 3. I think I will hold out for a better offer.

Mommy says: Hold still and let me get this band in your hair before I pull your hair out.

Child interprets: HA HA…she is weak! Bet she can’t hit a moving target…na na na boo boo.

Mommy says: Don’t ask me for one more thing or we will leave the store right now.

Child interprets: I can see those 3 cans of Folgers and pack of tampons…there is no way she is leaving that behind. If I lick this banana she will have to buy it.

Mommy says: That is so disgusting, please use a tissue the next time you sneeze.

Child interprets: She thinks that is bad…wait until she sees me string it at least 3 feet.

Mommy says: Don’t make me come in there…

Child interprets: I am totally calling her bluff here.

Mommy says: Turn off that TV and go to bed.

Child interprets: Blah Blah Blah Blah!

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16 replies

  1. Silly string snot…it's the best!Or not.:)

  2. Do we have the same kids? I totally LOLed reading that. It's so true.

  3. You are awesome! I am in love with reading your blog. I laugh out loud almost every time. 🙂 THanks!

  4. Me thinks truer words have never been spoken!

  5. the funny thing is…nothing changes when they become teenagers. sigh.

  6. OMG you are like the kid whisper you totally get it this was too funny i swear this is really what they are thinking. little man holds out on listening cuz he's learning sometimes i have more important things to do then repeat myself about grabbing our dvds.

  7. Sooo my kids! Makes me want to pull my hair out a little less to think the funny thoughts that are running through their heads!

  8. That is hysterical! And by the way, I haven't been by to wish you congratulations on your new beautiful baby! Precious! I have only 8 more weeks until mine comes! So excited!

  9. LOL!!! Yep, they probably are thinking those things!And we just had to buy a green bell pepper at the store on Sunday because my son decided to bite into it to see if it was “a hot pepper”. Now I've got to find something to make with it.

  10. I think maybe your kids speak for ALL kids…because I've definitely seen those interpretations in action before!~WM

  11. Can't imagine why they'd think this? Who taught them these things????? Huh??

  12. Wow, you hit the nail on the head there!! I know my kids are on the same wavelength…

  13. Husbands do it, too. It's not just kids.

  14. I need to start thinking like they do. Maybe I'll be in a better mood when they go ahead and do it anyway after I just told them not to. For the hundredth time! 🙂

  15. I feel like a broken record most days. That was hilarious!

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