Weapons of Massive Disgustion

All three crayons went to the doctor last week to make sure they stay healthy.

Two of the crayons had been perfectly healthy for the better part of a year (the other crayon was not born, but we will still deem her healthy while I was pregnant)

All three crayons are now Weapons of Massive Disgustion.

Seems that they caught a nice little cold and since we have been stuck in the house (thanks to the Almost Blizzard of 2010) and the only place we have been is to the doctor’s office…

Did I mention we went to the doctor to make sure they stay healthy?


Well in addition to a gargly cough and fever; we also have nasal drip of massive proportions.

Seriously, think in this magnitude…

or remember when Bill Murray got slimed in Ghostbusters?

Yup…that kinda of nasal explosions are going on here.

I can almost, if I try real hard, hear their little noses laugh at the sight of Kleenex tissues.

“You think that puffy little paper cloth is going to contain me? HAHA…your pitiful attempts are of no use here, mortal”

There is this great side effect of being sick that all children seem to get. The minute a fever has crept up, the minute the cough is heard and the nose begins to drip slowly towards the top lip…they all become so incredibly loving, so wildly snuggly and really finally seem interested in sibling love.

We have mastered the art of sharing.

“You want to play with my snot, germ covered favorite toy, Sister?” Sure! I’ll even let you lick it!”

So we are now entering the Quarantine Phase. The days are filled with Lysol crop dusting of all touchable surfaces, the futile wiping of the slow moving slime trail on the upper lip and the dispensing of medicine followed by M&M chasers.

If you don’t hear from me in a few days, the unthinkable has happened, and I need all of you to bring your shovels…

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7 replies

  1. Poor little crayons! Did you buy that new crayola toy where you can mix crayons together and make a whole new one? I see green/pink crayons in your very near future…at least that's what the cards told me.Feel better soon(hey, maybe this can run out the HG…).*hugs*

  2. Uh oh…HG is with you? Yeah…maybe the "boogeymonsters" will chase her away!I'll totally come to your rescue! Send out an SOS text, and I'm so there!I've gotcher back, girl!

  3. Hope everyone feels better soon!!!

  4. oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon!

  5. Dread these days. Hoping you are all well soon.

  6. I'm sorry, I laughed through your entire post. I couldn't help it! I really do feel sorry for you!

  7. I laughed through it too. You just have this way of explaining this where I have these images in my head that I can't help but laugh at :o) Kobe has had a runny nose forever it seems now. He is pretty good about letting me wipe it though. Now the older two sons brought home the stomach flu last week. I had one sick on Thursday/Friday and the other one sick yesterday. I am not looking forward to the day Kobe gets sick :o(I hope the girls start feeling better soon.

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